The Didache

Has anyone here read The Didache and if so, where is a good pdf copy?


…have only heard of it in reference… here’s what I found on-line:

The Didache

–this is a trusted Catholic site)

The Didache (DID-ah-kay)

…don’t know of a pdf copy but you could always visit the above sites.

Maran atha!


Here’s a decent PDF copy:

I got it for .99 cents on amazon for my kindle


Now that I’ve read it, a couple questions brought up from the commentary at the end of that pdf.

  1. The author mentioned the Didache was considered spurious when the New Testament was being decided. I know the CC doesn’t hold it as canon, but what exactly is its state then?
  2. Is it accurate that it wasn’t rediscovered until the 1800s?
  3. It seems there’s debate as to when it was written. Any good sources on that?

I believe it is still considered a primary source document. I was first introduced to it by an Eastern Orthodox Deacon who used it as a teaching aide.

There is a really neat book that contains The Didache as well as other non-canonical books from the first century called “Early Christian Writings.” These books are considered authentic by most, just didnt meet the criteria to be added to the Canon. It is published by Penguin Classics and can be bought fairly cheap on Amazon.

Eusebius wrote a Church History in the early 4th century. He mentions “the so-called Teachings of the Apostles” as a work that existed, but was rejected for the New Testament. Didache means teaching so this is believed to be the work that is mentioned. “Rejected” does not necessarily mean “spurious.”

Athanasius also mentions it in a letter written around 367AD. He mentions it as non-canonical, but that it is to be read by new Christians. Chapter 7 -

It was written in the 1st or 2nd century. It was lost and then re-discovered in the late 19th century. This source has 4 English translations as well as links for historical commentary about it.

You are doing a lot of research.

Nice job, Susan :thumbsup:


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