The Dilution of Holy Water


Silly question here maybe, but I don’t know the answer so I thought I would ask it. Is it possible/allowed to “dilute” holy water to any degree? For instance, you purchase 1 oz of holy water, but want to make it last longer than 1 oz would typically last. Are you then allowed to “dilute” it by say, filling your font with a portion of holy water and then “non” holy water? If so, are there any specific rules as they relate to this practice?


First of all you should never purchase holy water. It is a sacramental and cannot be sold. You may however need to pay for the container or shipping if you want holy water from some place like Lourdes. In most parishes there will be an urn with a spigot where you can fill your own container with holy water to use at home. I have set aside a small jar that we use just for this.

As for the question of dilution, yes you can. I don’t remember the proportions, but you can stretch a bit. Nothing like setting up a pan full of water, puting a drop of holy water in and calling to all blessed though!


Thanks for the answer. For clarification, when I mentioned “purchasing” holy water, I meant purchasing the container and then adding the holy water to it, I just didn’t describe my question properly. Thanks again.


One trick I think I remember from my youth is to have a little sponge in your holy water font. I think the idea is, you just need a dab, so it maybe conserves it?


you cannot purchase holy water as it may not be sold, if someone is trying to sell you holy water or if a church is charging you for it they are guilty of an abuse. holy water is freely available at most Catholic churches whenever they are open and you can put it in any clean vessel so you don’t even have to pay for a bottle. Also any priest can bless water you bring from home in a bottle at any time.


The parish church of my youth used to do that too. I think the sponge saved on splashage and left less holy water on the finger.



I have heard that if one is getting low, they can ‘stretch’ their Holy Water by adding more plain water, as long as 50% of the water remains originally blessed Holy Water.

Where that comes from though I don’t know, and it doesn’t seem to have a reason behind it.


That is what I have heard. However, I have also seen it questioned as to why it would ever be necessary. There is always a reserve supply, and any priest can quickly bless some more if it runs low.


I understand you can’t “buy” holy water, but I don’t think that’s because it’s a sacramental. Most object sacramentals are purchased (medals, rosaries, candles, etc., etc.).


They must be blessed after purchase.


Ah, I see! Thanks! :slight_smile:


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