The dirty financial secret

I pray that this post will help a number of you who read it. I hate to bring up financial matters on my favorite religious web site. However, I told a priest that I felt like someone who knew about 9/11 before it happened and then could do little to warn the rest of you. In this case the financial melt down progresses and only now do I speak. Until two months ago, only a few thousand concerned people knew what was coming but few people were willing to listen to us. Naturally, I can only pray that the rest of my note will be worth your while.
About three years ago, I stumbled on a manipulative tool used in a huge way in the equity market. We are not talking about the mom and pop type of theft of say a few hundreds of millions of dollars or so. Instead I speak of the type of theft that reaches into the hundreds of billions or even more. Now the method used to pilfer your pensions, 401Ks, or stock holdings relates to a legal process called selling short. However it’s illegal twin is called the naked short. These two collided in Lehnman Brothers death spiral. The shrewd investors knew that Lehnman had problems and figured that the price would go down. So legally, they could sell the stock first at a high price hoping that it would fall. Since they didn’t actually own the stock, they needed a lending agent from whom to borrow the shares that they could give to the buyers. This way the purchasers actually got something for their money. Finally, as Lehnman imploded the sellers bought back the stock at a much lower price thus making a profit when they closed out their original trade. Wayla, a legal reverse trade process. Unfortunately, the twisted sister to selling short got involved. This naked short tool allowed the manipulators to sell the stock first, without seeking a lending agent, so that the buyer received only phantom shares for his money. As we expected, Lehnman collapsed, under a jackhammering of naked shorted shares, not to mention the legally shorted shares. How do I know this to be true? After several years of silence, Mr. Cox. the head of the SEC pronounced naked shorting as pervasive and stepped in to slow down but not stop this illegal process. Of course, what I have revealed to you is only a fragment of what some of us learned. We at least are not taken by surprise by the seemingly bewildering moves in the economy. Now, think of what is afoot for your financial future if you decide to do nothing.
Of course, I could continue this expose. But if you are really interested, I will leave you with a few websites that are excellent resourses.
First: This website is run by Dr. Patrick Byrne the CEO of Overstock who was the first major company head to crusade against this crime. Dr. Byrne chronicles his current legal battles with the major culprits destroying the stock market.
Second: Then go to the Naked Shorting board. There you will find the very latest collection of news on this and related subjects. This same news can help forwarn you of upcoming situations as it has us. Remember, without a growing chorus of knowledgeable voices protesting conditions, nothing will change.
For the student of naked shorting, the blog offers an incisive look into the ongoing naked shorting process. Additionally, the parent site offers companies the forensic analysis needed to fight back against the progressive attacks on them.
Finally, thanks for the opportunity to use your regular space for another view on current events.

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