"The Discovery of God" by David Klinghoffer

I have been reading “The Discovery of God: Abraham and the Birth of Monotheism,” and it strikes meas an excellent book. However, I have found 1 error that I know of, concerning Nimrod. In this book he is called the king of Babel and an evil person. This is not what the OT would lead one to believe, but the author does not use the Bible as the ultimate truth in this particular matter. The book draws on the many ancient Jewish wri9tings, as well as the Bible and the Koran. I am wondering if any of you know of this book and can give me some guidance. If I should continue to read it (it’s a fascinating read) what other errors should I look out for. Since I have no knowledge of what the writings of the Talmud and Maimonaides and the Mishna and various other Jewisn sources, I am concerned about falling into spiritual error here.

I’ve read a different book by him and enjoyed it immensely. Do you have any specific questions about the Talmud, Mishna (which is part of the Talmud) or Rambam?

The story of Nimrod that was most likely set forth in the book is from a Midrash contained in the Talmud. A midrash is a story meant to clarify a specific point. Lesson over accuracy.

However, there are two other biblical references to Nimrod which you may or may not be aware of.

Micha 5:6 describes the land of Assyria as the Land of Nimrod.

And Chronciles 1. 1:10 Nimrod’s kingdom is Babel, and aAkkad in the land of Shiner

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