The Divided Kingdom and the Great Schism


Could the Divided Kingdom be a prefiguration of the Great Schism?

Division between childreen of the 12 patriarchs a prefiguration of the division of the childreen of the 12 Apostles?


absolutely, read this, by me. :slight_smile:

Similarities between OT and NT Schisms

Also, to throw this in, there are two types of feedings of the multitudes stories in the Gospels, one, where 4,000 are fed with seven loaves and a few fish, the other where 5,000 are fed with five loaves and two fish.

There are two primary forms of separation in the Body of Christ, schism and heresy. In schism, all seven sacraments remain (seven loaves), in heresy, only two sacraments remaining, leaving behind the five that requie the episcopate (five loaves, two fish.).

For that analogy, you could read this:

7 loaves, few fish, 5 loaves, 2 fish, Schism and Heresy



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