The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy by Dante is probably one of my favorite religious books. It is excellence.

I enjoyed it immensly and have read it several times. I used the signet classic version of the translation. I have seen some translations that would have really turned me off. Dante is such a character. The first time I read it I accidently read “The Purgatorio” first then “Inferno” and lastly “Pardisio”. I enjoyed the way Purgatorio was written so was glad that is where I started. I understand that these books were being read publically within 50 years and thought that was interesting and wondered if it had any influence prior to the “Protestant Revolt”. In any case I also enjoyed it and would recommend the signet version to anyone.:thumbsup:

I love the Divine Comedy immensely, it is hands down my favorite book.:smiley: I even did my most recent book report on the Inferno.

I absolutely adore the Divine Comedy. I have reread it every year since i was 12 (yes i read it when i was 12 i was weird)

If you’re good with Shakespearian English and English heroic prose i would thoroughly recommend Paradise Lost which i have reread each year since i was 13 (yes i was that kid).

I just started off reading the comedy with Inferno and finished. Currently I’m reading Purgatorio and I’m quite interested in comparing the two. :wink:

I first read it when I was 13. I haven’t gotten the chance to read Paradise Lost yet though. Trust me, being in AP Language and Composition and having read the Divine Comedy definitely pays off because my teacher refers to it constantly.

The Divine Comedy is also a favorite of mine. I’m partial to the Mark Musa translation.

I’ve posted several times to the topic. This is a favorite essay I have excerpted and created reading selections for:

a bio on Dante:

A book review of criticism by John Freccero:

Probably more, use the search function for the site.


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