The divine image in others

The Catechism says that the divine image is present in every human being (no. 1702). I recall reading about honoring the divine image in others or seeing Christ in everyone you meet or something to that sort. I would like to know more about this practice. Is it simply being aware of each person’s spiritual dignity, and reflecting on how much Jesus loves and values them when you see them?

The idea is to treat every person you meet as if you were meeting Christ, because they were created through Christ and in Christ.

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I will suggest you read a book titled The Scarlet and the Black. The ending of the book has a twist that is a great example of what you are seeking. Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty I think lived this out in his life. Read the book and you will see what I mean.

God bless

p.s. there is a movie with the same title starring Gregory Peck which does a good job telling the tale.

Hi, what you are talking about here is very very important. It is crossing over to life in the Spirit, the life that is one in union with God.

Jesus is God. Jesus is Love. Love is the caring for others. We are to serve Love. We are to do things for Love. This is life. Jesus is the Love to be loved and the Love to be served.

Jesus is the love for others. Thus when we meet people (anybody, good, bad, believing, unbelieving, anyone) it is our responsibility to love them as it is the dignity due to them as God loves them. God is the love for them. We thus must serve God as He is the love for them.

Jesus is this Love in our physical realm here on earth. He is the light of the world so that our actions can be true. To serve Love you meet Jesus in everyone you meet. He is there whether they are good or bad. You serve Jesus in them literally. This is how we come to the Father and the Father will be in us. We do this by serving Jesus in everyone. It is mystical and it is the state that we were made to be in.

Jesus is in everyone you meet. Jesus is the love for them. Meet Jesus and serve Jesus in every person that you meet. Know that Jesus is love and that Jesus is God. Jesus is God physically in our realm. Serve Him.

The books by Mother Teresa are excellent on this. Also the writings of Dorothy Day are very good.

God Bless!

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