The "Divine" which is in man

The “Divine” which is in man.
I still remember when I was a child a question in the old catechism of St. Pius X. I would like to recall that question asked us: " why did God create us?" The Catechism replied: “God created us to know, love and follow Him in this life and enjoy Him in the other.” Three verbs are the dynamics of our spiritual life “To know,to love and to follow.”
In first place is the ability to know. I can not love and follow a person if I don’t know him or her.
For this reason God has infused in man the gift of intelligence (from the Latin inter + legere = to be able to read everything that exists and understand the reasons). Of course we could never understand God totally in His being but we can understand that reality shows us His great love.
In his mind there is the greatness of man. All our dignity is in the soul that thinks and loves. Through our intelligence, we know that we exist and we know the complexity of our being, we can guess the order of things and know the purpose of our actions.
With our intelligence we find our will with which we can achieve the objectives of our choices. Our desire to be true, requires freedom.
The combination of intelligence and will determine the degree of morality in humans. (morality, means the ability to direct our lives on a value on a “Ethos”).
The philosopher A.Rosmins said: "the union between intellect and will is a mystical kiss. Intelligence sees the good that we do and the desire of will drives us to do it. "
A.Rosmini still claimed: "our intelligence is the spark of God in us, is the divine in us. And what enlightens every man that comes to this world ( John 1:9).
This participation of the divine in man is discovered by our intelligence that allows us to know. We participate in the intelligence of God, and for this we may know the secrets of the universe. Our intelligence is operational when we become conscious of ourself as a unique and unrepeatable person in front of God. We all are unique! We were not created by God in series or as photocopies. Each of us in front of the heart of God is as if it were the only one.
This self-awareness to know that we are unique people in God’s thought could be called “basic knowledge.” From this basic knowledge we can know all the other realities that surround us and that fall under our senses.
If God gave us “intelligence” that allows us to know, Knowledge is also the result of searching. Searching for God is hard but not impossible and it does not need a code of rules, but an open heart to Him. Our task is therefore to leave the door of our heart open to the desire of knowledge. Never give up the desire to search for Him.
S.Ireneo said: “The glory of God is man fully alive.” The man who lives is also the man who thinks, that seeks, that wants, that desires. Our intelligence is like the mirror that reflects the intelligence of God and where we can find his true existence. We were created in His image and likeness.
St. Augustine says: “God dwells within man.”
Our intelligence leads us to God, it is the reflection of the sun and not confused with the sun.
Dear brothers and sisters, I pray that we can use our intelligence to “stay” into the Lord’s presence and see Him in us and in all that surrounds us. May we use our intelligence to know more His Love though His Holy Word, that is His love letter to all of us. He wrote to us personally directing it to our hearts.
Oh Lord give us all the intelligence to be intelligent (able to read in all) in your presence and know how to you recognize Your Holy Presence that is always at our side.

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