The Doctrine of Sola Scriptura is not taught anywhere in the Bible

Perhaps the most striking reason for rejecting this doctrine is that there is not one verse anywhere in the Bible in which it is taught, and it therefore becomes a self-refuting doctrine.
Can you find one verse.

Hi Bill,
Two questions.

  1. Does all Catholic doctrine agree with scripture, or are there any that contradict scripture?
  2. Please define you understanding of what sola scriptura actually means.


Cathloic agree with all scripture and #2 Bible now you have set your trape

Lets me get this right nothing the Church teachs goes against Scripture, and I will be leaving here very soon so it may be some time B4 I get back

I think you know me better than that by now. I don’t play the trap game.
I agree with your first comment that the CC believes all its teachings are scriptural. You just give grerater - equal - weight to Holy Tradition.
As Lutherans, we believe that Tradition plays an important role, but in the end, Tradition, teachings, doctrine cannot contradict scripture. Scripture is the final norm.

As for “Bible Alone” or solo scriptura, as it is known among American evangelicals, they’ll have to defend it for you, as I can’t and won’t.


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