The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia


They did a nice job with their video. I heard a young woman say she was drawn to their order after seeing and reading about them. You never know who you will touch with these videos, surely not complete but gives laity a glimpse that some orders are florishing. My priest mentioned a few Dominican orders doing well (with priests also) and Sisters of Life. I could tell many were surprised. I don’t think you need commericals but there is no harm in making yourself known. Many wont have vocations but may be able to help in other ways.


Is this in the U.S only?


…and what an amazing video! Nuns are like angels blessing the earth. I hope many women watch this and respond.


They are at two of our diocese schools. We are so happy to have them here in our community. :slight_smile:


Here is their website:

It looks like they serve schools in Australia, Canada, Italy, Scotland and the Netherlands. I would think that means there are locations there (or maybe they are in residence).


I can’t speak for every parish or community but I was surprised how many people, even devout Catholics involved in many things, didn’t realize how some communities are growing.
When I would mention the names of a few, I get “Oh really?” from priests and deacons alike. A young man that was part of my church’s third order of Dominicans, was flabergasted that 2 young women from Yale and Harvard joined convents nearby, he hadn’t heard about it. He wanted me to show him the article.

I feel, especially if you like an active order, seeing videos and women speaking on their vocation, safely in your room or home or dorm, it’s less scary, more open. If done well, I feel it can only help vocations. Even if a vocation isn’t there, it might help bless them in many other ways to reach out.

I know they were larger in number years ago, but like with priests, not every vocation was from the heart. Some stayed with no other choices, shame, lack of money, but today, if you leave after a few years, it isn’t a big deal. God might have other plans for you.

I hope to see more of these books and videos, I don’t think my daughters have a calling but to hear some of their friends even talk about it, warms my heart and that is from the Internet and seeing the Sisters.


My sister is a Dominican Sister of St. Cecilia.
She is so joyful and peaceful.

She told me that she loves to sing KT Tunstall’s “Universe and U” to Jesus, and Jesus sings it back to her. So I made a video of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia with that theme as a present for her, and I also uploaded it to youtube.


I posted this previously:

Helping them to fill out the map of the US. They had started with 10 states empty. Now there’s only 8.


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