The Donation of Constantine

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It’s common historical knowledge (and admitted by the church) that the Catholic Church’s power was essentially founded by a forgery, the Donation of Constantine. How do we defend ourselves against this allegation?

By noting the difference between temporal power and spiritual power.

The Catholic Church was founded on Christ, not on a forgery.

What, exactly, do you believe the Church has “admitted” regarding the Donation of Constantine? Certainly it is a forgery of unknown origin.

But, the Church’s temporal power did not come **from **the document.

Likewise, the Church made no pronouncement on faith or morals based on the document so it’s spiritual power has nothing to do with it either.

A few clerics used the document to put forward their arguments regarding temporal jursidiction, etc, but it mostly came to nothing.

Note what the other poster said-- there is a difference between temporal power and the Church’s foundation as the Body of Christ.

I really see nothing to “defend”.

MVXC, you mention in another thread that you are listening to quite a few Protestant sermons. It might be “common historical knowledge” in these contexts, but as another poster has mentioned, the Church’s power was founded upon a promise made by Christ and Scripture that the Church would be the pillar and foundation of the truth (1 Tim. 3:15), that it would have the power to bind and loosen (Matt. 16), and that the gates of Hell would never prevail against it (Matt. 16). Even if it could be shown that some document, forgery or otherwise, gave the leaders of the Church an earthly, or temporal authority, its spiritual and doctrinal authority came from the most genuine of sources, God, himself.

Do you have documentation or a source quote for this?

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