"The Donut Man" discusses his conversion to Catholicism on EWTN


**Robert Evans, “The Donut Man,” discusses his conversion to the Catholic Church on EWTN’s “The Journey Home” **

“Life without Jesus is like a donut, like a donut, like a donut…because there’s a hole in the middle of your heart.”

If you are an Evangelical Christian and have small children perhaps you know those lyrics, and quite possibly those words and other “Donut Man” tunes are stuck in your head as you go about your day. Catholics may not be as familiar with “The Donut Man”, but recently his children’s shows have been appearing on EWTN. My children (and my husband) love The Donut Man shows and we own several of his videos. My oldest son has learned many a bible story from this pastry-toting crooner. His kids shows have been played in our household ad nauseum, but each show offers a wonderful biblical lesson. So, it was with great surprise and excitement that we recently learned of The Donut Man’s conversion to Catholicism. Robert Evans will be discussing his entrance into the Catholic Church on the September 11th episode of EWTN’s “The Journey Home”. The episode runs at 8PM/1AM Eastern, 5PM/10PM Pacific. Check local listings for channel information. from www.catholic-mother.com


My kids used to love the Donut Man! We had a couple of his videos. I’ll have to see if we get EWTN.


I love the program “The Journey Home”, I rarely miss it. I look forward to this episode.

Thanks for the heads up!


It’s nice to hear about that. I liked that program back in the days when i still lived in the Philippines and we had cable.

At least, Jesus did fill the hole in his heart.


When I was an evangelical, my children and I listened to his tapes. what a warm and wonderful gospel presentation for children. I am very thankful for his discovery of the truth in Catholicism. please pray for him as he will face opposition and loss of engagements and income for his decision.
God bless Rob Evans


EWTN does broadcast its programming on the internet. Go to www.ewtn.com and click on “television” to get a schedule or to watch live.

I think I’d like to remember to watch the computer instead of TV Monday night.


Here is a more direct link to the streaming audio/video from ewtn.com:


Yes, you can watch 24 hours a day from your computer.


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