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Hi all,
I’ve just found out that The Donut Man, who has a Christian children’s music ministry, has converted to the Catholic Faith!:slight_smile:
He was at the Coming Home Network weekend in Steubenville recently, and he’s now focusing his gifts into Catholic songs for children. Please look him up and support his ministry if you’ve seen and liked his music!
Praised be Jesus Christ!


WOW! That’s amazing :D. I’m really happy for him! I grew up watching his videos and singing his songs :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :).


Yes, we saw him this summer at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference. He needs our support now, as he lost a lot of his business when protestants found out he converted. They quit booking him for events and buying his stuff! So go get his videos, the kids all loved him!


How 'bout a link?


If you or anyone else would like to listen to the conversion story of Robert Evans, The Donut Man, here is the audio from The Journey Home…EWTN. :clapping:

His story is # 9.

Here is his personal blog where he explains it.


I just took the kids to see him at a Baptist church yesterday in the Dallas Area. Our row and the 2 rows behind us were all Catholic. I went up to him afterwards before he went back to change (after all the pictures and most people left) and he was really glad to hear that there were some Catholics in the audience.

He said that his protestant bookings are more than the Catholic and he is afraid that once the protestants find out that he is Catholic that he won’t have many tours scheduled.

He asks for your prayers and any word of mouth to your churches.

Even in the protestant churches he throws in a Catholic nugget or two. Yesterday he mentioned the Eucarist thrown in to his talk with the kids.


his website is :


You should see him in front of a Catholic audience! Lots of Marian, Eucharistic, and other good stuff to get our kiddos involved in worship. :thumbsup:


Is there any clearly Catholic Cds/Dvds of his that you have tried out/recommend?


I sent him an email last month & welcomed him to the Faith. I told him that we loved him when we were Evangelicals & we are so excited that like us, he converted to the Catholic Church. He sent me an email back telling me that it is so encouraging to him to hear from other Catholics. :thumbsup:

He’s a great guy.


He has a great website about it too - I think it is Lateforsupper dot something or other…you can tell I am really computer savvy…


I found this on his website:

If you go to the link, you can listen to the songs.

**Songs That Elaborate Upon the Sacraments **
Baptism: When I Take A Bath

Baptism: God is Three in One

Eucharist: This Is My Body

Communion / (Sharing): One Basket

Confirmation: A New Creation! (II Cor. 5:17)

Confirmation: Making the Choice: The Two Houses

Holy Orders: The Centurion

Holy Vows: Love Each Other

Confession: If We Confess

Confession/Obedience: O-B-E-Y

Confession: God Knows About Everything

Prayer for the Sick / Annointing*

Now if only I could figure out how to order this one for Christmas.


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