The Douay-Rheims website... ? ??

I have been trying to get on that website for a few hours now and it won’t go through. I just hope it’s my computer.

Can someone click on this link and let me know if you can get the website? I keep getting “The webpage cannot be found; HTTP 404 Not Found…”

Seems the site is down. I checked your link and the one in my favorites and both show the site is down. Tim

I’m not familiar with the site that you reference (I get the same 404 error, by the way), but here’s another location for the Douay-Rheims:

A list of Bible translations (including to the Latin vulgate) can be found here.

You can always go here (Internet Archives) to see the pages.

A million times thank you to everyone!

I had no idea that Biblegateway had the Douay-Rheims version.
When I click on that little down arrow it does not show that version there. So I guess a little extra digging on that website is necessary to find the Douay-Rheims on the Bible gateway website.

I also did not know that an archive existed like that. Thanks so much!

:frowning: I can’t do a search for certain words though.

Thanks for this link. However, I cannot do a search on it. :frowning:

I hope the site is back soon.

you can also try this website

Thank you so much! This website is perfect! I can do a search on a keyword!
I knew I can count on you guys to lead me in the right direction! I now know more places where I can find the DR-V. I did a search but didn’t find what all of you have here… .strange. Oh well… thanks so much!

I use that site often but one day I was trying to get a quick list of all the books in the Old Testament so I did a book-by-book check of what was on for New American Standard version (the one Rome uses) and guess what? The deuterocanonicals are missing! :frowning:

I posted a corrected HTML conversion of the Project Gutenberg version for my personal use at

I liked leaving the commentary. Unfortunately, I didn’t add a search feature.

There is a link to a similar site at

The New American Standard version is a Protestant Bible. I think you are confusing the New American Bible with that one. The NAB is the Catholic one and the NASV is Protestant. That is why I prefer NOT to go to that website, because all of those versions are Protestant.

As far as for searching I like the English Standard Version website. The ESV is also a Protestant bible. Of course it does not have the 7 books that Luther tore out but I still like the search engine on that website. And many of the verses are much like the RSV-CE bible which of course, is Catholic. I like to search on the ESV website and then go to my Catholic bible. OR better yet I love the Douay-Rheims version and therefore I like the DR-V website; by the way, I’m so glad the website is back!!

Here is a site for comparing public domain Bible versions:

Oh, I like that!! I have bookmarked it!!:thumbsup:

Actually, the D-R is available at that website as well: Douay Rheims

Thanks for this website!

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