The Doubt of Doubting?

:shrug: I am seriously confused. Well to start things off, I have always assumed that I was Scrupulous because I matched some of the Symptoms of it. It has gotten better, but I don’t know if I still have Scrupulousity, in fact, I am not sure if I was ever scrupulous. :frowning:
I know that recieving The Blessed Sacrament, The Eucharist, in a state of mortal sin, is a sin. But what about recieving Holy Communion in a state of “Doubt”? I can not positively remember all the facts, and I can not say with 100% certainty that I have commited a mortal sin. How do I know I am in a State of Grace?

How do I know I am still Scrupulous? I Trust The Lord, and I am trying to put my worries behind me, but Could I receive Holy Communion? This is a tough struggle.

Dear Angel7,
I am not a Apologist, but I would give a couple of ideas. First to truly set your midn at peace, you should talk with your confessor or spiritual director about the circumstances to see if what you are doing would qualify as a mortal sin. Second, if I am not mistaken, the reception of Eucharist is wrong if you recieve Eucharist and know you have committed a mortal sin (you know you are not in a state of grace). Here is extra help; a guide of mortal sins:
Remember the evil one tempts us to avoid communion by creating this doubt. Pray for Christ’s peace and when necessary seek guidance from a priest, but if you cannot confirm that you committed a mortal sin, chances are you did not (unless you have no clue what one is which is why I added the link). Jesus will not punish you if you in good conscience try your best to know whether or not you committed mortal. If you cannot confirm you have, then you are not intenionally trying to offend God (which is a requirement of the mortal sin committed by people who recieve communion who know for sure they have a mortal sin). Hope that helps.


The doubt indicates no mortal sin can be present.

There are three conditions that must be met for a sin to be considered mortal.

  1. It must be a grave matter.
  2. you must fully understand the sin and the seriousness
  3. you must freely do it.

Doubt negates condition 2.

Sometimes I do things that I think are Mortal Sins. Since I am Scrupulous should I automaticaly assume that I do not intend to offend The Lord? I love The Lord, so why would i want to sin? It’s hard because I can’t be sure of everything. How do I deal with this, I really want to recieve The Blessed Sacrament. I probably won’t have a chance of receiving The Sacrament of Reconciliation untill Lent, or Easter Season. I can’t wait THAT long without receiving The Holy Communion.

Not receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation for extended periods of time is unacceptable for you as a scrupulous person. You need - really need - to have one confessor with whom you discuss your scruples and whom you obey in everything having to do with your conscience. The usual rule for the scrupulous is to assume that you have not committed a sin, but you can’t make that rule for yourself; it needs to be under obedience.

Try really hard to remove the obstacles to regular confession so you can get the help you need.


If it’s a matter of inconvenient confession times at your parish, you can make an appointment with your priest for a more convenient time, or find a parish that has confession times that suit your schedule.

If you can get to church for Mass, you can ask a priest to hear your confession before or after Mass (call ahead so he can allow time in his schedule).

You shouldn’t have to wait months to go to confession.

See I am not at the age where I can take charge of my Life, my family doesn’t like the fact that I became very religious and limits me to going only twice a year. I need The Sacrament of Reconciliation very much in my life. Persuading them to let me got more than that would be a tough job… but not impossible i suppose. That is probably one of the reasons why I need help, I am really not sure if I am 100% cured of the Scrupulous, maybe I am somewhat better ( I am better now than I was a few weeks/ months ago).

There are some times I where wonder if I am:

Refusing to Admit THat I Commited a Mortal Sin.

Sincerely doubtful and unsure

I learned from the Scrupulous Anonymous letters to have Confidence in God. I trust the Lord, with everything, including my soul. I want to put it all behind me and receive Him in The Blessed Sacrament.

Recently I just began to shrug off moments where I think I might have commited mortal sins, I am not sure if this is a good practice.
I feel a bit overwhelmed by the smallest things.

What do yo do to help others?

It does sound as if you may be suffering from scruples which is confusing you knowing your state of soul with clarity and right understanding. The best way to deal with your problem I think is twofold:

]Ask God to help you every day with your difficulties and ask Our Lady and St. Joseph to keep you in their prayers always.
]When you go to Confession tell Father all of your problems and if necessary write them down first (if you think you may forget something). Ask Father would he please listen to what you have written and advise you and then read it to him in Confession. Tell Father also that your family is restricting you to two Confessions yearly and sometimes you are afraid to go to Holy Communion unsure of your state of soul and ask him what to do. Do listen attentively to what Father has to say and abide by it - have confidence in his advice.
[/LIST]Some years ago I went through a long journey (years) of scruples and desperate wrote down all I wanted to say to Father after asking him would he listen please to what I had written. He did listen. The advice he gave me was wonderful and I have never looked back from that day to scruples again.
Confession is not only the sacrament for forgiveness of our sins and failures, it is also a wondrous source of many Graces and spiritual advice.
Are you able to go to a religious order priest for Confession? I find these religious priests excellent spiritual advisors and it is spiritual advice that you need. If you cannot go to a religious order priest, do you have confidence in the priest who is your normal confessor in the confessional? By this I mean, a priest whom you feel you can talk to openly and feel relatively comfortable about it. This is not essential for all the Graces and good advice of the confessional, but it can be helpful to know something about our confessor or even better to have a regular confessor. Sometimes too it can be helpful just to make an appointment with a priest and talk over all your difficulties with him.
Whatever you decide to do, make a firm resolution to tell Father
at your very next Confession or by making an appointment to talk with a priest.

You will receive many, many Graces by refraining from going to Holy Communion because you do not know or unsure about your state of soul and suspecting possibly a state of mortal sin - until such time as you can be sure of your state of soul. Rest assured of that! Here is the Act of Spiritual Communion we can make if unable for some reason to go to Holy Communion:
“Dear Jesus, since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, please come spiritually into my soul and remain with me forever. Amen”

I will keep you in prayer, Angel7.

um… I try to help out family when I can. although there are times when I regret not doing anything, I still want to help out other people in any ways I can. I don’t do that much I guess, I just try to be nice to everyone.

What does this question have to do with anything that I am dealing with?

I was thinking that by helping others you would train your brain to develop new neuro pathways. Maybe this would help in the long term. As you developed new habits you would have less time to worry about doubts. Just a thought.

There could be some truth in the above, and not only by developing new neuro pathways through new behaviours. Sometimes focusing on others and their difficulties and problems can deflect from our own concerns and focusing on them - even introduce new thoughts on our own concerns and perhaps as a result of new neuro pathways.
But in the main I really think you need to talk with a priest either in Confession or by making an appointment to have a chat - and either way important to tell him absolutely everything. And no reason you cannot help others and talk with a priest.


Angel 7

let me know if still need help on this…

I hope you were able to get with a Priest and work these things out.

if you do have a difficulty with scruples…it can actually happen often that the scruples get into the very question of ‘are these scruples’ --or do i have scruples…etc this is why the French call scrupulosity the doubting disease…not that it is a disease mind you. for one is prone to doubt…the unreasonable kind.

as for mortal sin:

one needs grave matter…full knowledge and full consent. lacking any of these three there is no mortal sin.

one is not obliged to confess a doubtful sin. and that goes for a doubtful mortal sin as well.

and for someone with a tendency to scruples and seeking to follow Christ or even a person seeking to live a good life and follow Christ without scruples – if they doubt that at the time the three things were there for mortal sin they can assume -judge that they did not…

as for Holy Communion:

One who is conscious of unconfessed mortal sin is to refrain (-there are rare occasions when this is not the case but we will not go into them now) .

that is a mortal sin.

a doubtful mortal sin is well…doubtful. one is not morally certain they committed a mortal sin.

So a doubtful ‘mortal sin’ does not fit into that category regarding abstaining from Holy Communion. for one is NOT conscious have having committed a mortal sin --by definition.

So it would seem that what you could do is make an act of contrition --telling Jesus that you love him…and if you are not conscious of mortal sin …you may go to communion.

for instance you can pray: Lord Jesus I am not conscious of any mortal sin but I am sorry for the sins I have committed --out of love for you–I ask you the grace to follow you faithfully as your disciple.

(I assume of course that you are Catholic…and fasted for an hour before Communion etc)

Hope this helps

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