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The Church requires one resolve his doubt before acting when doubt exists about an act’s sinfulness.

I talked (anonymously) to a priest in confession about a moral question I had. Things worked out in my favor; there was no sin to be concerned about.

However, now I am having doubts regarding his answer. My fear is, what if I didn’t say the right thing, and that’s what resulted in the favorable response? What if I used the wrong words, so it sounded like a completely different thing? To make matters worse, I can’t remember precisely what I said.

So my doubt has resurfaced anew because of these questions. I wonder, then, am I obligated to go back re-ask the question?

Self-knowledge tells me these are just baseless fears, as I have a habit of going down these paths. Then again, knowing this about myself doesn’t dispel the doubt, which the Church obliges me to resolve.

What do I do?


A scrupulous person who is in doubt about the licitness of an action is free to act or not to act.


@Arkansan : A good article. Thank you for the link.




Thank you for responding, but what gives you the impression scrupulosity is at work here?

Thank you


Buddy, I say this in the spirit of friendship, your question is like a flashing neon sign reading “SCRUPULOISTY THIS WAY”. It could be read from space.


You sound like you are suffering from scrupulosity. I am not judging, I have it myself. It can be quite awful.

I know scrupulosity when I see it. This kind of uncertainty is a symptom.

“For the scrupulous, If one is in doubt about what he is about to do is sinful or not, or if he is obligated to act or not act, he can freely assume the act is not sinful nor is there any obligation” -St. Alphonsus Ligouri, Doctor of the Church.

Trust your Confessor on this.


I echo what others say here, given this question and some of the others in your posting history, it’s likely you are dealing with scruples. You should refrain from asking questions on these forums, as it will only exacerbate your condition, causing you to continue to seek reassurance, and causing confusion where contradictory answers are given. Please speak with your priest and follow his instructions.

You are in my prayers.



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