The dream that won’t go away


**Need your help or interpretive opinion. I get a few pronounced dreams every year. Some are more memorable than others, and deserve to be documented as such. I figured angels came to Joseph and Mary in a very emotional time of their lives by way of dreams. **

**There is a doorway from my childhood Catholic school that leads into the spacious parish chapel. It is very quite dim. My view is about 15-30 feet from the Chapel doors from the classroom hallway. The doorway is all polished oak. The classroom hallway has flat carpet and white, yellow, and lime tiles aligning the walls. As I am rushing to get to the chapel, a man comes out of an adjacent stairway right next to these chapel doors and heads into the chapel until he drops something shiny, he turns around to pick it up, as he crouches, he see me and freezes, I, in turn, halt. The man is in a very nice black suit. He is very tall and broad shouldered, intimidating build, strong, but has a gawky awkward sense to his body. He has no face! Nothing. Completely fuzzed out. Floating black area. I awake. **

Now I got a great sense of confusion from this dream when it happened so many years ago, maybe is just a dream and I should just bury it, but it lingers for some reason. I know science tends to say that dreams are just a run down of the days events or constant thoughts that replay in your head, but what do you think? If that is what science says toward dreams, what does our faith say? What am I chasing after? Why am I trying to run into the chapel? Who the heck is this person?

I know this is not a forum for expert advice, this is merely fun, how would you interpret it, if it was you?


Are you inclined towards the arts? Jekyll and Hyde came to Stevenson in a dream.


Your dream sounds very interesting. Do you have any books on dreams?

Hmm, everytime I dream of walking around the old High School (Catholic) I attended the hallways are a maze.

You can check out the following links:

I hope you find some answers about your dreams.

God bless,


I am not exactly sure that we should be reading books on dreams. I think that is part of the occult prohibition—but i am not sure.


Yes! I am involved in the visual arts. I hope that’s all it means.**


**While some of your links actually are an occult type focus, I have read into some of that in college, but I do not feel any relation to it. In the same fashion, we are not supposed to be reading into or visualizing the zodiacs, however I found it interesting that the ancient Europeans had constructed that based on just looking at the stars, whereas when they did not know there was land on this side of the world, the ancient Mayans had constructed a strikingly similar set of zodiacs just by studying the sky, also. Pretty cool.

Your maze dream is quite interesting and chilling in a way.

Thanks for the links!**


OLHope, aborodki, and anyone else- I didn’t realize the websites or even books on dream interpretation were of the occult. Eeeks! :eek:

I’m very sorry if I offended or hurt you by suggesting books or the following websites.

I remember a friend told me that the best person to interpret your dreams is your own self. Would you agree or disagree?

OLHope- Do you mean you studied/read about occult or dream interpretation while in college?

A psychology teacher, taught a relative of mine about dream interpretation

OLHope-Yes, my maze dream is both interesting and chilling. Another thing, in my maze dream it’s very dark, gloomy, and while walking through there I feel disoriented.

My locker used to be on the 2nd or 3rd floor (don’t really remember) there was a locked door but if you looked out this door, it had a little balcony, and it looked down into the “cafeteria” The hallways are very narrow in this school

In my dream, the door is unlocked but when you go on the balcony it’s creepy and a depressing feeling overwhelms me.

I’m sorry for the vague details.


science also says that dreams are a mental activity that happens during sleep as sensory input of the day is processed, but also as memories of past events are processed through the lingering effects of those sensory impressions. that is why some details about objects stand out when we recall the dream–the wood in your dream, the clarity of some scenes.

I don’t know that the Church has anything much to say other than warning people not to mistake random unconscious mental activity for messages from God or angels. I think when people in the bible heard angels there was no mistake or confusion about the message.

I also don’t know that there is any value in trying to interpret dreams, nor is there any harm in using a dream, as you would any other mental process, to make sense out of your life.

It would seem obvious that if a persistent dream hearkens back to the past that one would look more closely in waking memory to the events of that time in one’s life. It also seems that in general images in dreams are very literal, and I have heard that if you relate the details of your dream aloud, to yourself or someone else, the literal sense of those descriptions becomes more apparent. They are often images that make sense to you, not necessarily meaningful to someone else.

For instance a country music fan might assume the image of a man in black is Johnny Cash, and the dream could be about a money problem. A Catholic might come up with a man in black as a priest, and the dream could someway be linked to a priest this person knows. So the meaning of dream symbols would be specific to that person.


**Oh my, No! Not offended at all, just curious to see what others might think, not that you or I technically believe those ideas, just food for thought. Was also kind of wondering if anyone has had a similar type dream.

The church, like science, is not against dreams, they are actual happenings that everyone has, it just crosses a line sometimes in interpretation, whereas like a fortune teller, tells you something negative about something that is completely made up on the spot, let’s say, and you leave there in tears…, don’t take that FT word over God’s teachings.**

Yes, that is the best, I agree it should go along the lines of that specific persons thoughts and/or ordeals in their life at that time.**

**Yes, we had an aging class in sociology that spoke about the different variations that people could interpret one dream. It was interesting, but I never took into it much as it was not my personal dream, so I guess what you suggest has truth to it.

I also befriended a girl who was very into astrology and get me hooked on it for a while, but my interest in that dwindled as my love for God was by far much stronger than the stars and galaxies in the sky.**

Ooo, Spooky! If this were my dream, I would interpret it as no way out of a certain situation that I had actually been going through at the time. The gloominess just adding to the despair. However being in a well known place that represented security and shelter.

No, thank you, rather for your insight, it was helpful!


This is really right on for me! As I have true life tendencies to run to an open church to pray and light a candle in times of despair or fear. After all, we are both headed toward the chapel doors, it makes the most sense.**


I think the most common sense approach is to replay the dream, perhaps try writing down all the details as soon as you wake, if it comes again, and then simply talk to yourself about what those images mean to you, personally. For instance, a chapel has a meaning for you, as you noted.

The only caution I can think of is if the repetetive dream causes anxiety or disturbance not to dwell on it and to replace it with healthy spiritual exercises.


The reason I asked whether you were artistically inclined is that people who are—usually have very vivid and almost narrative dreams. It’s just the way your mind works. So you could actually, be having a “story” dream. Hope this helps.
By the way, there is a huge difference between psychology and dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is minor occult stuff, i don’t recommend it. Kind of like reading your horoscope.


Thank you for your insight like I said I’m very sorry if anyone was offended or hurt by the following links.

Most of my dreams, are vivid and like a story.

OLHope-That could be all true about my maze dream and my feelings. Well, to be honest with you I think that was one of the worst school’s I’ve ever went to in my life.

I actually went to a public school. Before I left Catholic HS I prayed to Our Lord so that I would always remain Catholic. You want to know something? There were A LOT of Catholic’s in the public HS I attended.

Now, my niece goes to that school (Catholic–the one I attended) and I pray that it’s different from when I attended.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against Catholic school’s nor the one I attended.

While I was visiting with the Discalced Carmelite Sisters. One of the Sisters shared a dream that she has. “I dream that I’m lost in the forest, then I say a Hail Mary, and I find my way back.”

God bless,


Could this dream be of an old high school priest? principle? The parish and school’s priest could be the only one I could thnk your mind might be trying to reconnect with. Did the parish priest who was involved at your school die recently? I wouldn’t worry about the dream that much. It’s just that, a dream.Focus on your conscious mind not your subconscious mind. Do things that will calm you and provide you with a good feeling for today.

Your Sister in Christ



Doorways are symbolic of entering a new life or a spiritual change. A man drops something shiny in front of you and it stops you from entering into a new life as you wished to.

In one sense, the world offers all kinds of distractions which prevent us from entering into a closer relationship with God. That is the way it’s built, to offer little temporal satisfactions along the way which prevent even greater satisfactions from being presented to us. If they can all be renounced then the full satisfaction of God alone comes.


Thank you so much for the insights, that last one was kind of eye opening, anything’s possible, right? I am not sure still what to make of it, to hear these interpretations gives me a multi-faceted view of possibilities. Ultimately it is in God’s hands since I believe he put it there, after all it was not an image that was too fearful, just perfunctory, just going through the motions. Still it somehow keeps an imprint in my mind.


Recollections of the church and priest are most likely the cause. Don’t worry about it. If it causes anxiety, feel assured that your sins are forgiven if you somehow subconsciously feel that they aren’t. Try to focus on the face of Jesus and him smiling at you in a kind way before you go to bed. It always helps me to envision Jesus holding me on his lap as a small child with his arms hugging me and protecting me…

I hope you have pleasant dreams.:slight_smile:


I know that this is directed at OLHope but this is a very good thought. Thank you for sharing this.:thumbsup:


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