"The Dumb Ox", Defense, Doctines, Dogma & Controversies


Finished reading Chesterton’s The Dumb Ox for the first time. Also, I perused the 19 pages of the apologetics forum peeking in on threads titled St. Thomas Aquinas or the like.

The apologetics forum description reads Defense of the Faith, doctrines & dogma, historical controversies, and in Chesterton’s preface we read, “the sixteenth-century schism was really a belated revolt of the thirteenth-century pessimists. It was a backwash of the old Augustinian Puritanism against the Aristotelian liberality.”

The forum description and Chesteron’s assertion go hand in glove. And a discussion might get us upon the tree’s trunk rather than its branches, leaves, and blooms.

I do know that St. Thomas is larger than the quote I lifted from GKC. For the moment, I’m ignoring that, and will return to pick up what two hands cannot hold at this time.

I expect that some find GKC’s claim to be true. And I hope that the same folks have thought longer, deeper, and more cogently than I on this. Pretty easy since what I know might fill a thimble.

So, any out there that fall under the “Gee, glad you asked,” heading?


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