The Effectiveness of Using Apps for Prayer and Furthering One's Spritual Growth

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this or if this is better put in another section of the forum.

Anyway, I am curious as to how effective the use of apps has been in helping to enrich one’s prayer life. The problem I see is that there are many offerings such as my app, Prayer Aid, which attempt to help you, but it really takes time to find the one that works for you (not to say that the time would be a deterrent from using prayer apps altogether). This can be a problem if patience with technology isn’t one of your (best) virtues. Another problem I see is that using the computer to run the app can be a distraction in prayer rather than an aid if one doesn’t have the best self-discipline. What works for me is when I use my prayer app on my phone, I turn the volume (and ringer volume) down so the system sound don’t distract me.

On the positive side, using apps has allowed me to keep a “portable pocket guide” of resources handy for when I find some free time for prayer instead of always carrying around prayer books. A specific example would be that I like to pray a Morning Offering when I get up, so I use my prayer app to set a reminder for myself to pray and when it is time, I am notified and I go ahead and pray.

What do you think? Do you find prayer apps to be an aid in prayer or more of a distraction to prayer?

They are very helpful. We live in a technology age so let us use this technology to our advantage. If you will like to know what apps I enjoy it is the Divine Mercy app which is free and the Orthodox Study Bible which is not free.

I would not be doing the divine office without an app!

As a new Catholic, I find the apps really helpful since I don’t have many prayers memorized yet. And I always start my day with a Bible verse that gets sent to my phone via app.:slight_smile:

I personally use the site “Come Pray The Rosary”. It is on-going throughout the day, and night. It has people from all over the world involved at the same time. As Christ said, "Wherever two or more are gathered in My name, I will be there.

When I can not attend the daily rosary at church, I turn to my free Laudate app and follow along with the sound of the rosary podcast. I find that it keeps me from distractions. Pope Francis is right, the internet is a blessing.

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