The effects of Baptism

If baptsm remits original sin then why do the children of baptised parents need to be baptised (as the parent’s orginal sin was remitted, and therefore not passed on?).


I do belive everyone needs to be Baptised i just don’t understand why.

Is it because it is the Holy spirit that remits original sin and obviously the Holy spirit is not passed on from generaltion to generation.

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Because we are all born of Adam’s flesh and body, we all received his state of mortality. Had he chosen full union with God, we would be immortal, but because he sinned he became mortal, and so have we as his flesh and blood. This mortality, though, is a two-fold death: that is the death of the body and of the soul. We are born with a lack of the saving grace of the Spirit in our soul. That is how I see it, though. As for the sins of previous generations, they affect us in the same way as they cause dismay to those the sins affect, but not in a direct way…

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The effect of original sin is that the human nature passed on to us by our parents is an imperfect nature. You might compare it to a person who has a heart defect. He gets a heart transplant and then lives a wonderful normal life. But if he has children, he can only pass on to them the problem in his genes, so they inherit his weak heart problem

By taking away original sin and giving us sanctifying grace (which is God’s own life in us) God gives us a supernatural life transplant. We become His child as well as our parents’ child. But God has to do the same thing personally for our children. There is a saying “God has no grandchildren”, We don’t inherit God’s life, He gives it to each of us as a free gift through baptism.:thumbsup:

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