The election revisited

Lots of complaining going on because of the result of the recent election. Despair from many people, all the way that some expressed their wish to die now, before the US becomes an “even more horrible place” to live in. (I actually heard that phrase).

I was wondering, why the “despair”? Isn’t there a saying about the one who laughs last? After all this “miserable” world is just an insignificant interlude before the infinite bliss. :slight_smile: And if Tertullian is right, one of the important part of that bliss is to “look down” onto the damned in hell, and snicker at their misery - as the good old Schadenfreude “dictates”! Who knows, maybe you will be able to “tease” the damned, thereby increasing their misery and increase your own happiness. Who knows, Tertullian might be right. :wink: What a pleasant thought it would be for you. Forget the insignificant problems and look forward the big picture!

The election results are not all bad news. At least this will get Republicans to wake up and to select a proper conservative next time and maybe it might make conservatives think twice about promoting perpetual war in the middle east, which is both immoral and an absolute waste of money.

Obama winning only looks like bad news from our earthly perspectives. Sometimes the wood holding up a house is so rotten that you just have to knock the whole thing to the ground and rebuild in order to make things better. If that’s the case with our society, then why put it off?

Obama and Romney were both moving our society towards the same moral cliff. One of them is just going to get us there a heck of a lot faster then the other.

I agree with this to an extent, it certainly does feel like out society needs a bit of a reset…

That said, Obama’s actions, and those of his ilk, are likely to pull more souls down with him, which is why his election is so bad. If it were only him that he was hurting then it would be sad, but not nearly as bad; but the policies he enacts will affect generations of youth in this country. (just look at Roe V. Wade and the now-widespread acceptance of abortion)

I’m sure we’ll want to “tease” the damned all right. NOT! I hope you’re kidding because otherwise what an awful thing to suggest–well, it’s not even funny, so why make it at all? :shrug: No Christian feels superior to those who choose hell instead of heaven. We feel profound sorrow which only the joy of being in God’s presence will be able to erase, for after all, why should the damned, who wish to live in hatred for all eternity rob the saved of their joy?

I feel badly about the election because I know that BHO is the worst choice Americans could have made, but unfortunately, we won’t realize that until it’s too late. We now live in a country in which people are more interested in getting on the dole than on making something of themselves. Our founding fathers and all who worked so hard to make America great who have gone before us are no doubt spinning in their graves. :frowning:

I cannot imagine that “teasing” the damned would make me happier, and being in the presence of God, I should think my thoughts would not wander to those who condemned themselves to Hell.

Anyway, for me, this election has taught me that I have put too much faith in men via politics, and that what is needed is increased holiness. And the only way I can start that is in myself.

Tertullian was remarking on how Heaven (as it is generally understood) seems rather dull and boring. Endless praise and thanks for eternity. To contemplate the tortures of the damned would be a welcome respite from all that, in his view.

A reset, or formatting drive C?


The Repubs have been running their B teams since 1996 (except GWB) because they haven’t had an A team since then. What makes now different?

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