The Elegant Universe

A while ago my uncle, a physics professor for a college in NJ, introduced me to a PBS special on the excerpts of the book The Elegant Universe. This theory attempts to explain the physics and thought processes behine the “string Theory” and how it relates to the universe.

I found it facinating and wonderful and it made me in total awe of God and his perfect universe, even if the theory is true, which it cannot be proven as of yet.

I understand that this is a scientific theory and really does not draw the religious conclusions, but I saw great beauty in it and it made me think that if this is actually true, how perfect and intricate God’s universe really is.

Thought you guys would like to take a look at the miniseries. It is about 3 hours long so I had to watch it in parts, but it is certainly worth it, if you are into it.
I have attached the website in which you can view the miniseries in its broken down parts…

If anyone caught this program or read the book, please, I would like to know your thoughts. It doesn’t seem to go agains the church as it is science, but it certainly would support intelligent design in my opinion.

I think I caught this when it was on t.v. many moons ago. It was quite intriguing. I don’t think I saw the whole thing though.

The interesting thing about string theory, at least what I’ve read, is that there are so many possibilities that there doesn’t seem to be any consensus. Some theorists say there’s got to be 14 dimensions for their theory to work. Others 21 dimensions. And there’s so much invested in one’s theory because it takes so long to build up (sometimes it spans a career) and if you stumble upon something that doesn’t work… It’s hard to give in.

Interesting stuff though.

You also want to check out “DARK MATTER”.

When astrophysists don’t know stuff, they ascribe it to “dark matter.”

What a hoot!!

It only just gets to prove that indeed God is smarter than man.

One of my God-and-science books has a statement to the effect that “if you want to understand the language of God, learn physics.”


You might want to try the book of the same name, “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene, along with “Fabric of the Cosmos” by the same author.

As I understand it, string theory has now morphed into M-theory.

Thanks for posting this. I get into this stuff, too. The more you realize we don’t know, the more amazing everything is. “It’s turtles all the way down.” NOT :wink:

This is good stuff. It shows the beauty of God’s creation. The language of mathematics comes straight from the “mind” of God. Mathematics makes up the fabric of everything. The Pythagorean Theorum is metaphysically true whether or not there is ever a physical right triangle. In Plato’s world the conceptual triangle in one’s head is more “real” than the physically drawn triangle. This is because the one in our heads is transcendent and perfect while one we draw is merely an imperfect approximation and temporary.

String Theory and now M-Theory show just how utterly delightful God’s creation is. I only wish I had the cerebral horsepower to take it all in. But the glimpses I can understand give me an endorphin release.

Christians shortchange themselves when they scoff at the inability of physicists to explain it all. Man will never explain it all. The notion that Christianity scores a point when something in the cosmos cannot be explained misses the point.

The physicist is our friend.

I have the Book The Elegant Universe. My fiance bought it after the PBS special we saw, but I have not heard of the M Theory, can some one sum it up in layman’s terms for me …

M-Theory is an extension of String Theory in that it seeks to combine a number of different versions of String Theory. It suggests cool stuff like 11 dimensions and multiple parallel universes.

Anyone who doesn’t see God in this is just not paying attention.:wink:

Good Post. ! Brian Greene leaves us with a sense of the Mystery of it all. So much space we can’t compute it all; what’s it all for ? Like Yahweh tells Moses, " You are not ready to see my Face. "

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