The empty tabernacle?

The rubrics call for the tabernacle to be empty before the mass of the Lord’s supper begins, but when should the eucharist go back in? In my parish its back in before the Easter Vigil begins.

That is the way it is done in our parish as well.

After Holy Thursday Mass, the Eucharist is held in a tabernacle in another location (with (unexposed) adoration until midnight), and is held there until the Good Friday veneration of the cross service. That Eucharist is then distributed as Communion at the Good Friday service. There should be no leftover Eucharist after the Good Friday service. The tabernacle should be empty at the start of the Easter vigil.

It is at the Easter vigil that new hosts are consecrated for that Mass and the remainder are then put in the tabernacle, as usual.

At the end of the Easter Vigil Mass.

I forget, do we receive communion on Good Friday?

the Blessed Sacrament is moved to a side altar, what has been reserved is distributed on Good Friday or taken to the sick, and there should be nothing in the tabernacle when the Easter Vigil begins

I asked this question once. Yes, they distribute communion on Good Friday but to me it seems to have no meaning outside the Mass. And a Mass isn’t allowed to be said on Good Friday.

Actually, there should always be availability of the Eucharist because of the need for Viatiacum. The rubrics are specific about that.

Ours is kept in the altar of repose. The Blessed Sacrament is returned to the Tabernacle after Communion durng the Easter Vigil.

A related question, should you genuflect when coming in for the Easter vigil mass if the tabernacle is empty and open?

our church uses the same tabernacle in which the eucharist is normally kept for adoration. The tabernacle is in a side chapel and the tabernacle is moved forward. When adoration ends its moved to a cupboard in the sacristry where the sacred vessels are nomally kept and we place the sanctuary lamp in front of it on the counter. During the liturgy on Good Friday, the celebrant and the servers go to get it and then return there after communion. So on good Friday the tabernacle has been moved back to its proper location but the door is left open and empty. Then on Holy Saturday before the vigil it has usually been moved back into the tabernacle.

It is still the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, even if you didn’t see it being consecrated. The sick or home bound don’t see the consecration, but they still receive Our Lord. The graces you receive from taking holy communion are still available to you on Good Friday–but only if you actually receive Our Lord.

You’re right about that.

I do remember that I have received on Good Friday once or twice. Only to keep my consecutive nine First Fridays intact, though.

Yes, but the Blessed Sacrament is not in the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle is empty, and left open after the Mass of the Last Supper until the end of the Easter vigil, when the lamp is lit again.

I know my church leaves the tabernacle emptied after the Holy Thursday Mass and the Blessed Sacrament is exposed until Midnight. Then, the hosts are placed in another tabernacle while the main one stays open. Then, the leftover hosts from Holy Thursday are used for Good Friday and then on the Easter Vigil, new hosts are consecrated and put back in the main tabernacle as usual.

The Blessed Sacrament is not supposed to be exposed during Triduum. Please note what Paschale Solemnitatis states:

  1. The Blessed Sacrament should be reserved in a closed tabernacle or pyx. Under no circumstances may it be exposed in a monstrance.

I hope that you did not mean that a monstrance was used.

Woah, I’m sorry, I totally stated that wrong. I guess what I should say is they leave the church open until midnight for private adorations. The Blessed Sacrament is kept in a pyx in a closed tabernacle.

I hope you didn’t have a little heart attack when you read that. :wink:

No. You do not genuflect to the tabernacle, but to what it contains. When the tabernacle is empty, you do not genuflect to it. Instead, the proper sign of reverence is a profound bow (of the body, not just the head) to the altar.

In the local churches the Blessed Sacrament is placed in a Ciborium and is then placed in and area where the faithful can pray until midnight. The Ciborium is not in a tabernacle but “exposed” several people are within a few feet to insure no one can swipe the ciborium. It is then locked in a separate loaction until it is needed on Good Friday.

The rubrics call for the tabernacle to be empty before the mass of the Lord’s supper begins, but when should the Eucharist go back in is at the end of communion on Easter vigil mass. In side chapped if there is the blessed sacrament is reserved in the tabernacle there should be a scanty lamp next to it to tell people that blessed sacrament is present in the tabernacle. Any other tabernacle should be ether left open or bare

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