The End of 'Midshipman'? Navy Secretary Calls for Gender Integration


The End of ‘Midshipman’? Navy Secretary Calls for Gender Integration

What happens when you take the “man” out of “midshipman”?Navy officials will consider this question as they turn to language in an effort to fully integrate women into all levels of the service, including the Naval Academy.
Ray Mabus, the secretary of the Navy, issued a memo to the chief of naval operations on Jan. 1 asking for an “update of position titles and descriptions to demonstrate through this language that women are included in these positions.”

He also wrote: “Please review the position titles throughout the Navy and ensure that they are gender-integrated … removing ‘man’ from their titles.”
So what should it be?
Just mid?

Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson assigned the Navy’s master chief petty officer to establish a group that will, Navy officials said, “canvass the fleet, talk with sailors to hear their thoughts and provide recommendations on feedback.”
Navy officials said a report, due to Mabus no later than April 1, will outline which titles should change and how – and if some with storied histories, such as “midshipman,” should remain as they are.

Don’t know whether to :rotfl: or :banghead:


I am a Navy guy and the US Navy is getting stupid with PC. The best word I think of to replace midshipman is candidate. Candidate First Class, etc.

Seriously, no wonder Mr. Putin is laughing at us from here to Kamchatka.


Isn’t there something radically wrong with a school where youths are taught to fight and possibly die at their country’s call, being so concerned about hurt feelings?



Wait. Using the term “First Class” places a value on the recipient. It implies that they may be less valued than others. Can’t have that, as it might hurt their feelings.

This concern should also be part of the discussion of using “mid”.


Do you have ranks like Able Seaman and Leading Seaman etc. in your navy. Best hurry and change them before some more feelings are hurt!


Let’s try, “Sea Sentient Entities”.
Or would PETA object? :hmmm:



“Midshipmen” has always been the name of the U.S. Naval Academy’s men’s sports teams.

Called “Middies” for short (rather like Notre Dame’s “Fighting Irish” is often shortened to just the “Irish”.

To accommodate the new PC the new Navy football helmets will sport a Middie Skirt logo … which will also be the new below the belt on-field unisex attire for the fully gender integrated roster.

If the above turns out to be true … West Point might finally beat Annapolis again in my lifetime.


And if that office is ever held by a female person, will she be the Navy’s mistress chief petty officer?? :hmmm:

Indeed :banghead: :ehh:




Totally ridiculous. The word is “Midshipman” not “Mid-Ship Man”

I guess then we must change every single word in the English dictionary that ends in “man” or “men”

No more “Amen,” we will need to say “Aperson”

This stuff is totally ridiculous.

The “man” in “Midshipman” is gender neutral just like the male tense in all other languages used for mixed genders. Only in English are we trying to create a “mixed gender tense” which is totally ridiculous.


“Love Boat Personnel” works for me. :eek:


Phil, you can’t argue with insane people. Don’t even try. :rolleyes:


You are so right! I guess this is what we get because the majority of English speakers only speak English and have no knowledge of linguistics.


As a former midshipman myself, just go with ‘mids’ or what the galley workers called us ‘midsheeps’

Only choice otherwise is go with the Army and Air Force and say Cadet.

And another great tradition burns on the pyre political totalitarianism.


You forgot ‘human’.

And the Navy will no longer be able to use the terms ‘woman’ or ‘gentleman’. Although I admit, I more often felt like an officer and a janitor, then officer and a gentleman…


Hey, we could just officially adopt the USMC designation for us-- squids


Midsquids. :smiley:



Nope. ‘huperson’

Wait… can’t say ‘son’ in ‘Aperson’ and ‘huperson’, need something more neutral.

How 'bout ‘Aperoffspring’ and ‘huperoffspring’ – and ‘midshipperoffspring’?


There’s really only one response to this…

A firm resounding :rolleyes:


And they’d have a new mascot!


More stupid stupidity!:eek:

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