The end of the world as we know it?

Now the media is correctly reporting that some physicists believe that the Large Hadron Collider might produce mini black holes in its collisions, and that black holes are in general so powerful that they can swallow up not just the Earth, but whole star systems. The media also correctly reported that physicists, when pressed, cannot completely dismiss the chance of being eaten alive by these mini black holes from the LHC.

This in turn has sparked some rather sensational headlines, leading up to a lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Hawaii in March, where seven people are asking for a court injunction to stop the experiments at the LHC, stating that the mini black holes it produces could grow by swallowing matter until they become large enough to swallow up the entire Earth. Although the equipment is based in Europe, and is hence outside the jurisdiction of US law, many of its large magnets and key components come from the US. The lawsuit could, theoretically, cripple the project.

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Secondly, these mini black holes are not just small black holes; they are actually subatomic in size, comparable to electrons or protons. The entire energy created by these particles would not even light up a light bulb if the LHC were running for a hundred years. Although the subatomic particles produced by the LHC can have trillions of electron volts, the LHC is expected, at best, to create mini black holes at the rate of one per second, which is much too small to cause any appreciable danger to anyone.

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The headline definitely got my full attention. :eek:

I could post a story like this… I just need to find a page from , , or .

Also, I could recommend the DrumBeat on for end of the world news.

Well, at least we will learn if the lightest supersymmetric particle exists at the TeV scale before such calamities happen.

Um…the fears of a super collider causing the end of the world are a little different than Peak Oil concerns. I realize it is one of your favorite subjects, but this article is about super colliders…black holes…total destruction. More of a kaboom type of event. You should like that…there will be minimal, if any, pain involved if the Earth is swallowed up in a black hole of our own making.

Regarding pain and suffering in the afterlife though…that is a different story.

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