the end

God first
Here am I?


Here we go looking into sky so deep that I see no end to things made of flesh and dust the very thing I came from. As I think about things that have life, as we know it and what be here after I and this is gone.

Will all things somewhere other than this world holds life or do they already begin to see life far where will I never know. When will be happen were we destroy ourselves will we a black hole where earth is and was this earth for others kinds to see.

Will it happen in the year 2027 AD a time I see as my death because I see Christ for me but is not just the day I see the end but end for life in this world. Where there be black hole where earth, our sun, and everything other where life was and life will go on.

Where another Adman is being be born or was he long ago and Jesus Christ is being born where other than here I can I know. I see God not to wasted all of that he created that is why I see more than one earth and heaven.

Do you see the possible outcomes there could be that one reason some say this third earth but I can see many reasons for it. Is Obama the person who begins the last war on this earth or should I wait for another?

And will there be nukes that break this earth apart causing everything to happen at once or will it be something from above that causing everything to happen. Where the waters come so high that fish from ocean are in Kentucky like a dream I had.

Is the end need or is it just another day in this world where do same things they did yesterday one only hope it not the end. Thank you with love and a holy kiss going you from Roy.

i’m sorry but I am confused… what are you saying?

God first

hi Juris

is this the last time or not

love Roy

The older I get, the closer the ‘end time’ is… for me!

If it is for the world as a whole, the universe included, the signs are not there. All in the universe is still moving with ‘predictable’ fashion, perhaps a bit of gyration here or there, but to look at what we know, during our short lifetime, as well as through only 200+ years of recorded weather, we do not even know a ‘sliver’ of time in the whole living universe, much less the earth we live on. We are learning some new things through science with our eye’s watching the universe do it’s things, as it has for eons… but it is new to us, now that we can watch it through a telescope.

And if this is all coming to an end, we have some things we can do: have a heart attack from fright; flee for the mountains; or (lastly) hold you head high and look up to heavens, for your salvation is near.

Hello Year, :slight_smile:
I am not sure what you are talking about.

Our Lord Jesus told his disciples-
Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.
But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels
in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come.

(Mark 13:31-33)

We are also comforted with another scripture from our Holy Bible-
But he who obeys me dwells in security, in peace, without fear of harm.
(Proverbs 1:33)

Dear friend, may God bless you in your search for Truth. :gopray:

God first

Hi Michael David and Suzanne57

Michael David – "hold you head high and look up to heavens, for your salvation is near. " I like that my friend

Suzanne57 – that ok my friend stay blessed

love Roy

Dear Roy

The end will come later this century. God is not punishing us, He is saving us by holding back the equilibrium which is a spiritual force He established in our universe to ensure everything does His will. Only time is not controlled by it. It makes hell too, trying to force us to do Gods will even after death. It makes purgatory also. God is Love and can only love. Occasionally God will release part of His grip on the equilibrium as a wake up call to us. The end will come when He has less mercy on us this way. We must make sure we’re ready to go to heaven because the equilibrium knows all and has no free will - it will burn with spiritual fire and punish us eternally trying to get us to do Gods will, even if we can’t. If we are not disposed to go to heaven we will burn forever via the equilibrium. This is where people make the big mistake - they think God is merciful. Their right, but the equilibrium is not merciful. It does not think and discuss , show mercy etc. It justs forces everything to do Gods will.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


An interesting thing about the End Times (I assume this is the topic?) is that it could come for any one of us at any time in the form of a car wreck or any other manner.

A man that attends daily Mass at my parish was hit pulling out of the parking lot last week and is now in surgery. I was at the church at the time; all my acquaintances there started talking about it as they found out, and they told me. I didn’t know him at all, but it does bring to mind the mortality of us all. The End Times can come for people very suddenly in a flash, or through the long suffering of a disease, and it can come at any moment and then all eternity is laid out before them and they see their place in it.

A kind of nerve-wracking thought ;). I’ll do everything I can to stay in a state of grace!

it does not matter what time God has appointed for the end of this world, and anyone who claims that knowledge is a liar according to Christ’s direct testimony.

What does matter is how I live my life, today, in this present moment, and that I keep myself in readiness for the Bridegroom whenever He calls and whenever He comes. I must live as if the next moment my life will be required of me.


God first

hi John Russell Jr and Lief Erikson and puzzleannie and Juris

John Russell Jr – God bless you and now I do not agree with your view but believe as you see best

Lief Erikson – I hope your friend is ok and yes it can come at any at any moment

puzzleannie and Juris - yes you could say that because I know no one knows the hour or day but what can be said the of year and season is winter or fall and so on

love Roy

My dear friend Roy

Glad to agree to disagree;) It seems so many people, almost all, have the scriptures wrong so often. The Word of God is infinite and it resonates thru eternity. We cannot place limitations on the Word of God. We cannot pretend to understand, comprehend and appreciate it even near fully. The day nor the hour means just that. We can know the year for certain. Our Lord can reveal the time without giving us the day nor the hour. This quote is meant to be taken literally. It means what it says and not our interpretation of it meaning otherwise. Much of the meaning of the scriptures was lost long ago. We can discover meaning such as this and much more today still. Every verse of scripture can be interpreted several ways so long as it does not contradict the original meaning or contradict anything else in scripture, tradition and the magisterium ( I’m sure the magisterium is in there ). Most people have he whole thing wrong. They have no idea who God is, which is terrible. People on here often come and spend ages telling others what to do and the next thing their leaing the church. It’s because they don’t have a clue who God is. If they knew they would never rebel against God or leave the church. Getting off track here, and all this is not directly for you dear friend. We must be open minded when reading the scriptures. It is an infinite word uttered in a finite language- and we can delve and dig into it to find more and more of Gods truth, without offending God or His Holy Church.

God bless us all:thumbsup::slight_smile:


God first

hi John

Yes we find that it blesses us my doing word studies in English form but better we take to Hebrew and Greek words in study them

or can study the times Christ live the culture

God Bless you

love Roy

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