The end

I’ve reached a stage now where i just have no interest in anything at all. My depression is worse than its ever been, and i’m on a v high dose of anti-d’s. I’ve had major tragedy one after the other. I’ll be going 2 sleep now 4 more nightmares. Where’s God? Please dont quote “Footprints”.

I’ve felt depression. My depression was horrible. When people say it can get better I knew it wouldn’t, because I was convinced I had thought it all out and there was no escape.

But I’m better now. Tons better. And believe it or not, I can see why I had to go through such a depression. I think it was partly so I could understand other people better.

I hope it isn’t so bad that you can’t check in with us now and then. There are a lot of compassionate people here who have tasted despair.



May God be near in your dark night…


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