The Episcopal Coverup


This is not just the Cardinal McCarrick Problem. This is not just the new (and many very old) abuses in the PA GJ report. We seem to have a very serious Episcopal Coverup issue that has not been adequately addressed. I love my Catholic faith and the Church but I am determined not to let these problems be un-investigated and overlooked, not matter how much improvement has been made since 2002. I am posting 2 articles. One from a Priest Chaplin whose accuses Cardinal O’Brien of a coverup and the other that is Cardinal O’Brien’s reasoning for dismissing Father O’Brien from his post as Chaplin to the Marine Corp. I already know that these two sources are on the entirely different spectrums of Catholic news sources. I personally do not care for either all that much but sources are what they are and we each need to evaluate the relative merit contained there in.

It’s fair in light of the bad news, to also celebrate and Bishop who has taken a courageous stand for what he believes!


“Homoclerical”? I refuse to give any credence to those who think this is an appropriate time to be cutesy.


I always seem to get skrewd by a bishop whenever I’m playing chess. “Episcopal sodomy” is a term I use often when playing chess.


Is this another “recent” cover up of abuse that took place, not decades ago, as it bantered about as some kind of excuse, but rather within the last 5 to 11 years?


Let’s all pray for Vigano! He is going to need it!


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