The Episcopals Under Fire Over Gays


TIME Magazine Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007
By David Van Biema

If the Episcopal Church in the U.S. was expecting a moderate message on homosexual equality from its Anglican counteparts at their annual meeting in Tanzania this week — or even some kind of benign stalling action — it was sorely mistaken. The communique issued by the Communion’s collected primates (regional archbishops) ended up presenting a fairly stark choice for more the liberal-minded Episcopalians: either back off on officiating at gay commitment ceremonies and ordaining gay clergy — fast — or be shunned by the Anglican Communion.,8599,1591746,00.html?cnn=yes


Facinating article. Thanks for posting it. It appears to be a dispassionate analysis, I appreciate it. I applaud ArchBishop Rowan for making this stand. I like him.



Yes I just saw this on the news tonight and I am happy they are doing this. The Episcopal church in America is going down hill fast and needs to hit a brick wall.:eek: My grandfather was an Episcopal minister in USA and his ashes are at St. John the Divine in NY. Im sure He would be upset with how liberal the church has become. Im glad I am no longer in the Episcopal church.:frowning:

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