The Epistle Of Ignatius To The Virgin Mary



Her friend(1) Ignatius to the Christ-bearing Mary.

THOU oughtest to have comforted and consoled me who am a neophyte, and a disciple of thy [beloved] John. For I have heard things wonderful to tell respecting thy [son] Jesus, and I am astonished by such a report. But I desire with my whole heart to obtain information concerning the things which I have heard from thee, who wast always intimate and allied with Him, and who wast acquainted with [all] His secrets. I have also written to thee at another time, and have asked thee concerning the same things. Fare thou well; and let the neophytes who are with me be comforted of thee, and by thee, and in thee. Amen.

The Blessed Virgin’s answer.


The lowly handmaid of Christ Jesus to Ignatius, her beloved fellow-disciple.

THE things which thou hast heard and learned from John concerning Jesus are true. Believe them, cling to them, and hold fast the profession of that Christianity which thou hast embraced, and conform thy habits and life to thy profession. Now I will come in company with John to visit thee, and those that are with thee. Stand fast in the faith,(2) and show thyself a man; nor let the fierceness of persecution move thee, but let thy spirit be strong and rejoice in God thy Saviour.(3) Amen.

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Pax vobiscum,


I saw that too. Double wow.


Oh my! That site is a treasure trove - but it doesn’t mention the providence of this letter or make any commentary as to what the Church believes about its authenticity.

Where could I find out more about it? I did a couple of searches but didn’t find anything else that mentions this letter. What do you think? Is this a true letter from Mary?

I wonder when the original was last seen? Do you suppose it is still among the documents in the Church’s library? I guess it probably couldn’t be, or it would be one of the most highly-regarded relics in the world. Are there any known relics of the Blessed Mother in existence?


The article on Ignatius of Antioch in the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia says this about those writings:

Also there are three letters extant only in Latin. Two of the three purport to be from Ignatius to St. John the Apostle, and one to the Blessed Virgin, with her reply to the same. These are probably of Western origin, dating no further back than the twelfth century.


I should have known to check NewAdvent! :o

Thank you. It would really be something wonderful to have something written by Jesus or the Blessed Mother, wouldn’t it?


dating no further back than the twelfth century.

Could this be the date of the original’s latin translation, or does it have to be the absolute origin :frowning:


[quote=michaelgazin]Could this be the date of the original’s latin translation, or does it have to be the absolute origin :frowning:

Well, its pretty unanimously rejected as the genuine work of St. Ignatius. When it was actually written is subject to question… but don’t worry, be happy! :slight_smile:


I saw this letter posted two years ago, it is not considered authentic.


Aw…Phooey! Oh well. It was a cool thought!


I saw those letters about a year ago and was amazed. I was so happy to see a letter by Mary, but it turns out to be a spurious letter.


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