The ER finale - did anyone watch? What did you think?

I stayed up and watched and was only slightly underwhelmed. It was only like a regular episode, nothing really amazing or interesting. Seeing Rachel Green step into the ER as the next generation was cool, but beyond that it was just another episode with some cool references to the past and cameo appearances by previous actors.

What did you think about the rosary story? I’m still undecided if it was just funny, or if it was a slam. :confused:

And where was Clooney? Does anyone who follows these things know what was up with that? He didn’t even appear in the retrospective hour that was before the episode.


The finale was not great, but I thought they left it open for some TV movies (Do what Emergency! had done).
On eating the Rosary, I did not catch every word, but as far as I can tell it was not try to be mean-- otherwise, I would have gone crazy. George Clooney not showing up in the look back was expected [if you think about it] at least he came back in ep. 328.

I watched it. And it was only the 4th episode I ever watched. All I can say is I wished I would have seen them all.


When I saw it I just thought it was funny. Then as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep I wondered how funny is it that a child is going to have to poo out a sacramental. I mean, the kid could have swallowed anything, but then it would not have been as funny if it wasn’t a rosary I suppose.

I don’t want to make too much out of it, I was just wondering if anyone else had just a twitch about it as I did. But it was nothing more than a twitch really. :cool:


I didn’t watch. I used to love ER, but I gave it up when Luca performed an abortion on a teen while reciting scripture. :(:mad::(:mad:

I actually liked the ongoing struggle he had with his faith and had hoped he would have been a positive Catholic example in media. But I guess not.:frowning:

NO WAY!!!?? Luca did this? I always liked him - he’s Yugoslavian like my family. And very good looking too. :wink:


Yep, I remember that episode. It was truly awful and I quit watching it after that. Not only was it 100% pro-abortion, it was downright blashpemous. Here is a recap of what happened

Luka then went to counsel the teen and gave her the option of a laminar insert that would mimic a miscarriage. When she asked him if it was a sin, his reply was, “This is medicine’s way of allowing God to change His mind”. Then she began to quote Jeremiah Chapter 1, which Luka completed for her.

Oh wow - that’s just wrong. :mad:


Hey, aren’t all we Croatians good-looking? :wink: (not Yugoslav, thank you, he left the Yugoslav national army to join the Croatian army when the war broke out)

. . . eh . . .

went to bed 20 min before it ended . . .

Haven’t seen it yet. I plan to watch this weekend. Now I remember one reason (besides 10pm when I get up at five) that I stopped watching. It was things like that abortion story when I had hope for that character.:frowning:

Oh yeah - I’m always drawn to those good Croatian looks. :wink: My husband is a Brit, but dark hair and dark eyes, he could pass for one if he had to…if only for that accent. :wink:


I thought the finale could have been a little bit better. But overall it was really good.

I was surprised to hear the show was still on the air outside of syndicated repeats.

– Mark L. Chance.

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