The era of the child

what do you think?

Right Idea, Wrong battle ground.

The spectacular hotels of yesteryear (or for the First Lady: yesterday, today and whoknows) were still childish indulgence (with taste).

Goo, water, pies in the face, „who stinks up the bathroom“?

Fifty years ago, low-tech versions of this were considered good, clean, normal kid fun. Would these Tradition-in-actionists really prefer that their nine-year-olds sit around watching „Desperate Housewives“ instead?

Actually looks kinda fun to me. It might be fun to stay for a night or two. But I prefer Disney and trying out this hotel would probably be a one time only thing.

I don’t see anything wrong with taking a vacation and getting to act like a child, with your child. Its a vacation, meant to be spontaneous and fun. Sure it won’t appeal to everyone, but I would bet that there will be adults staying there without children as well as families. Why does life have to be so serious all the time?

I believe the tradition-in-actionists were simply using this as an example to point out a much larger problem: the childishness of adults. I suggest everyone make sure they read the whole article.
What are “men” around my age (24) spending their time doing these days? Most of them hate work, drag their feet when they do it, party, wear hats in-doors and sometimes backwards or sideways, playing video games or searching the web when they should be spending time with their family (if they have a family since it seems people have stopped getting married), snapping self-loving pictures of themselves to put on their facebook profiles in hopes that others will love them as much as they love themselves etc etc…

And the same applies to women of my generation, of course. I believe there was a time when the maturity of a young woman would be a motivator (perhaps the only motivator) for otherwise childish young men to grow up and act mature in hopes of courting and perhaps marrying that mature young woman. Those days are gone, I believe.

My generation, generally, is one of “Child-men” and that is not debatable, it is an objective fact that can be seen just by stepping outside and looking at the world around you, by spending time with people my age. The “Me” generation is indeed a childish one. In fact it started largely in my parents’ generation and has simply grown to make up a much larger percentage (a majority) of this generation than it did theirs. The Child-men and Child-women are already holding public office, running corporations etc and that number is growing with every child who grows up without being taught to grow-up.

Regarding the hotel, which I don’t believe was the main point of the article, it isn’t necessarily the spawn of satan, but I believe it is too important for your formation as a child to see your Mommy and Daddy act like grown ups and I think I would’ve become a very much different person (in a bad way) had I seen my Father and Mother act my age regardless of how seldom it occurred. I think the hotel is a bit ridiculous but thats just my opinion. Not evil, just ridiculous.

Fun is a great gift from God and, like beer and happy-meals, should be used within reason (as it once was), not as a way of life.


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