The Eucharist and how long it stays as Christ body


How long does the bread and wine stay as Christ’s body and blood? When the Holy Eucharist is consumed and is broken down in the body, does the protein, carbs etc still stay as the body of Christ? Same question with the blood of Christ (the wine)


So long as the host has the appearance (“accidents”) of bread, the real presence remains. So when it’s broken down, chemically changed, and so on, the real presence is gone. The same goes for the blood, but with the accidents of wine.


On the third day the body of Christ was animated in it’s tomb, and the stone was rolled away, and the body walked out - the living Christ.
We are on the 8th day; we are the tomb containing the body and blood of the Son, and the Father pours his life into the Son wherever the Son is, including his human body and blood which are in us.
Do you “contain” the Spirit of Christ, living, or simply waste on this first day of the week, the day of the Resurrection?

John Martin


The presence of Jesus stays with me for around four hours after receiving Holy Communion. Sometimes He lets His presence be made aware of for even longer.


The above posts have answered correctly. I would like to mention in case you would like a time that the appearance of food is said to be maintained for about 15 minutes normally.


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