The Eucharist as one's only physical nourishment?

I have a friend that is very close to God and has dedicated and devoted her life to him completely, She also knows the amazing Power of the Eucharist. But lately for the past like 2 weeks she hasnt been eating any food practially ever, all that she wants to eat is the Eucharist. She says that after she eats and then prays she feels God is saying to her “Why aren’t you giving me all of you”. My friend doesnt feel the need or the want to eat food! The reason this scares me is cause she has gone through this before even before she found Christ. Coudl this be satan trying to discourage her, or could it be a personal thing or could it be the Lord? Please help me on how to deal with this situation, I have been praying for her every day and I dont know how to help her.

Dear Pals,

By your very admission we know that this problem predates her belief in the real presence of the Eucharist. I don’t see this as a spiritual problem. I see it as a psychological problem with serious physiological ramifications. Spiritual problems call for spiritual solutions. Psychological problems call for psychological solutions. This is serious and should be acted on immediately.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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