The Eucharist is the Sacrifice "re-presented"


Looking for a resource regarding when Jesus said, “Do this in memory of Me.” I understand that a memorial in Jewish antiquity called for the representation of the event memorialized, like the Passover. Any links to any articles that treat this? Articles that would contain a Scriptural thread revealing this concept?


Try looking at paragraphs 1362-1368 of the Catholic Catechism. If you don’t have one you can find it on line.


This may be close to what you’re looking for


Lk 22:19

Do (poieo) in Greek in that passage

1) to make
a) with the names of things made, to produce, construct, form, fashion, etc.
b) to be the authors of, the cause
c) to make ready, to prepare
d) to produce, bear, shoot forth
e) to acquire, to provide a thing for one’s self
f) to make a thing out of something

g) to (make i.e.) render one anything1) to (make i.e.) constitute or appoint one anything, to appoint or ordain one that2) to (make i.e.) declare one anythingh) to put one forth, to lead him out

i) to make one do something1) cause one toj) to be the authors of a thing (to cause, bring about)
2) to do

a) to act rightly, do well1) to carry out, to execute

b) to do a thing unto one1) to do to onec) with designation of time: to pass, spend

d) to celebrate, keep1) to make ready, and so at the same time to institute, the celebration of the passovere) to perform: to a promise


In the context of the Old Testament poieo is used to “offer up” sacrifices. Nearly every time it’s mentioned, it’s used in the Jewish Liturgy in regards to the priests offering up a sacrifice.

The second was “anamnesis” (in Greek) is the memorial. It actually means to make present. I was listening to a talk today on my MP3 player and the speaker said the Hebrew word, “Zichurrah” (?) is even more descriptive. It means to re-present while being actually present. The Jews, even today, celebrate the Passover as if they were present 3500 years ago in Egypt.

Jesus is telling the Apostles that when they offer up His Sacrifice, they are at Calgary 2000 years ago.


Agreed. Jesus institutes the NT sacrificial priesthood here.


Hey, which speaker were you listening to? I’d love to hear that talk.



Ditto…what talk is this?


Carson Webber. It’s part of a 30 part series on understanding the Bible. Each part is approximately 80 minutes long. You’ll probably find the part of the Zichurrah in part 7 - Exodus.

He’s a good speaker. He’s obviously studied from Scott Hahn, but he doesn’t just repeat Scott’s stuff verbatim.


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