The Eucharist requres great faith


I’ve never realized how much faith is required to believe the bread and wine become Jesus Christ - maybe because I took His Sacrament for granted. But, after reading a bit of Saint Augustine on the Blessed Sacrament, I’ve come to realize just how much faith is needed. For by all appearances, the bread is bread and the wine is wine - but by faith, it is His Precious Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. If it weren’t for the Authority of the Catholic Church and the Grace and Mercy of God, I wouldn’t believe the Holy Eucharist is the Lord. Ironically, the whole Church and the Divine Grace and Mercy and the virtue of faith come to us from the Lord. What a paradox!


Faith in the Eucharist can only come from God, not from ourselves, we definitely don’t have enough. :slight_smile:


Praise God for giving us his Church to preserve this belief! It does require such faith for some at first, but once it is understood and lived, it becomes a SOURCE of faith.


I agree with you totally, Eucharisted! I always think of that line of Aquinas’ wonderful hymn “Pange Lingua”, Praestet fides supplementum sensuum defectui - let faith make up for what is lacking in the senses. I often have to remember this when I’m at Mass & I wonder how such a miracle can happen. But the answer is the same every time: “Because you, Lord, have said it, and your word is true!”


Hi, perhaps faith in the Eucharist also requires a real hunger for the person of Jesus Christ. If one doesn’t long for Jesus, then perhaps one wouldn’t even think about the possibility that Jesus is in the Eucharist. What do you think?


That’s why He’s the Bread of Life :wink:


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