The Eucharist Strikes Again!

Hello all!

Please keep a man named Michael Gungor in your prayers. He is the lead singer of the popular Christian band Gungor. As a side note, I highly recommend their music! Since their first big album, Beautiful Things, their music has always been on a grander scale than most mainstream Christian music. It mostly steers away from the traditional “Jesus, we love you! Jesus we love you!” music, which is fine and has its own place; however, their music is much deeper than that and causes one to think about what the lyrics contain. Also, they have a song based off of St. Augustine of Hippo’s famous “Late have I loved you…” quote! Their music certainly contains deeper Truths than what’s presented surface level, much like the spiritual practices we find in our Catholic Faith! :smiley:

Anyways, he is definitely on the verge of conversion. He posted a blog yesterday explaining his experience with the Eucharist in adoration, and how deeply it touched him. You may read about it here:

Praise God!

Interesting! I’ll have to take a look at the music.

I just had to add a comment on this:

If THAT music is “traditional”, I’m a dinosaur.

Absolutely beautiful. Praying hard for him and the countless others who may be touched by him.

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