The european currency

This was a french/ german collaberation, designed to form what would of been called the united states of europe.
Most countrys that are as yet involved with this scheme are as all are well aware off, on the verge of bankruptcy. Personally i think they intentions were not entirely co-existent with fundermental prosperity for all the nation`s involved hence such demise in thier bureaucratic philosophy.

The rest of the world would now have to suffer, this could be the collapse of commerce as it once was.
I wonder how prosperous the chinese will become, what with their more indpendent attitude to that of the western world. Is it an opportunity for they individuel to see humanism as a more effective way of being successfull.

____________________ Snakes and ladders leads to the cluedo effect _______

" Wheres the candlestick, i cant see a darned thing over here ."

The European community was made after WW II as a way to prevent war and unite Europe. I prefer the present day problems to WW III

The common currency was doomed to failure from the beginning. It was a monetary union with no fiscal union. There were rules about the budget deficits countries were allowed to run, but no enforcement mechanism. Countries like Greece ignored the rules from the beginning because they wanted to share German prosperity without German discipline. Now the spendaholics have to depend on someone else for regular handouts because they have forgotten how to balance work and play, and they no longer have the credit history to get another new credit card.

The same kind of economic collapse is possible here if more states and the federal government continue to spend like California and Illinois without regard for the possibility that countries like China might decide not to lend us more money to continue the over-spending.

Hopefully, America can free itself from Europe like in the past.

And vice versa of courseā€¦

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