The evidence for Jesus in the first century

David, Ehrman does not claim that Jesus did not exist, he believes that Jesus did, and in fact makes a similar point as yours in his book, where he discusses why the claim that “Romans were good record keepers, we don’t have any Roman records from within the lifespan of Jesus, so He must not existed” is fallacious… His book was written to *counter *claims that Jesus did not exist by members of the “Mythicist” movement such as Richard Carrier. Give Ehrman credit for taking a principled, if unpopular stance against his fellow agnostics and atheists.

I didn’t look at this site for a while so i didn’t respond to your last post about this…

Actually he had the 25th longest reign and there are many roman emperors who have far less evidence for their existence than Nero, even if there was no evidence, no writings, no architecture,no art, no coins, it could probably be assumed that after Claudius died and before Galba there must have been some other ruler.

and again lots of people who met Nero wrote about him who have surving writings… just not the complete life stories that were written. and some of them met Nero, even Josephus… ill complete this later maybe…

In addition to the book “Did Jesus Exist?” by Erdman,t here is another Jesus Denier, Michael Paulkovich. See here:
There is a great gulf between the actual historical facts and what these so-called Scholars are attempting to foist on the public.

Ever wonder if the OP comes back to get the answers or whether this was just a “drive-by” shot at Catholics?

Anyway, Jimmy Akin answers this here:

AD 64 Tacitus speaks of Christ.

I would like you to read the articles at Test the Shroud’s web site: There has been a lot of scientific research on the Shroud that you may not be aware of. The research shows that the Shroud is authentic. I believe it is the burial shroud of Jesus because the man in the Shroud went through the crucifixion as described in the Gospels.
Test the Shroud is proposing more research. You can help by signing the petition on the web site to ask Pope Francis to allow this.

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