The Evil of Clericalism (Pope Francis)


Pope Francis has preached against the evil of clericalism – the abuse of power in the Church,

We are all called to oppose this evil amongst the clergy. deacons, priests, and bishops.

Recall the words of Acts 10:25-26. (paraphrased from memory) Peter went in the house and met Cornelius, who knelt down to pay him homage. Peter told him to get up, because he was just a man.

Cardinals and bishops need to lose the fancy red and purple robes and the expensive crosiers they have, and lose all the heraldic symbolism of the episcopacy. They are just men, like Peter.

Canon law has not preserved the church from sexual abuses or from spending billions on settlements to silence victims of abuse or from the practice of moving abusive bishops and priests from one place to another to escape detection.

Recall also from scripture that Jesus sent his disciples out and told them not to even take a second cloak. Simplicity, humility, meekness, holiness, boldness in preaching the gospel – these are needed in the Church.

Write your Bishop and the president of the USCCB Cardinal DiNardo and tell them – over and over – of your concern about eliminating clericalism.

Canon law should not prevent them from disciplining ANY cardinal, priest, bishop, priest, religious, or deacon. Then, too, all homosexual priests should be dismissed from the ministry. There should be psychological testing and even polygraph testing to identify those who are not fit for the ministry. The catechism defines homosexuality as intrinsically disordered and homosexuality is not consistent with the clerical state.

The scandals of sexual abuse and financial abuse of money donated to the Church cannot be tolerated any longer.

These scandals have totally destroyed the credibility of the bishops of the United States and they have undermined evangelization efforts for the indefinite future.

It is time NOW to speak out


ABSOLUTELY and a DEEP PRAYER LIFE! Our Priest keeps telling us to spend time in prayer not just a quick mention before we go to sleep or a Rosary at night.

That’s what changed my heart a year or so ago: if your calendar, wallet and prayer time are the same as it was a week ago or a month ago then you aren’t doing enough. WE HAVE TO GIVE GOD our FIRST not our left overs. Time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the best thing,


As archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit has stated, CONCRETE ACTIONS are needed now. Pray, yes.



There is an adoration chapel about 1.5 miles away from me, and a tabernacle about 0.5 miles away. I can pray in adoration right here in my home. I can pray in adoration at each opportune moment. I’m sure Jesus knows I’m here.


That sounds lazy. Going to Adoration is different from just praying.


It’s a good thing popes don’t wear the papal tiara anymore


Yes we Praise. Adore, Glorify, Worship our Lord with Our lives but I’m talking about BEING IN HIS PRESENCE. Many nights I wake up and picture myself sitting in Church just like I do at Adoration looking at the Tabernacle. I say Lord I can’t be THERE with you right now but I am with you in spirit. The Church is only about 5 blocks from my house. Actually GOING to Adoration is different than adoring Our Lord wherever we are. It’s not that one is better than the other but when possible we should if we can make the effort to go to Him and spend time with Him.


No. Don’t get rid of all those things that are proper to the offices of Cardinal, Bishop etc.

Authentic expressions of the nature of Holy Orders are not the same thing as ‘clericalism.’

We must show a certain filial respect and devotion to the episcopal, priestly etc. offices.


It seems like you think you know what needs to be done. Is this following a private revelation or is it just your thought that maybe meek clothes can create meek bishops?
The history of the Church is thus - there were saintly bishops whose relics we still venerate and there were average bishops and then there were bishops who were prived unworthy. Yet ALL of them were bishops until being revoked from their status.
Do you really think a bishop in meek clothes will necessarily be worthy? Will the clothes make him worthy or keep him worthy?
If it is all vanity in this world then so are the clothes. If something is not alright in the Church then it definitely cannot be summed up by the color of the Cardinals robes or the tiara of the Pope. If something is wrong then is above all these symbolic passing elements.
Peter would be meek dressed in gold or in a sack. The dress did not matter.
Today’s fashionistas are dressed in rags. Are they meek?
Is evoking being poor does actually turn someone into “poor of spirit”/meek?


Peter didn’t have a papal tiara. Jesus was born in a manger.

Maybe it’s better for the priests and bishops to humble themselves and their dress


No. If anything we need to go full regalia and remind them of the importance of the office they hold.

Bring back the papal tiara too


Jesus is also a king, glorious and triumphant.


Jesus also said to his apostles that the last would be first and that his followers should serve instead of seek to lead


Of course St. Peter didn’t have a papal tiara. That came about through time and the guidance of the Hol Ghost.

Bishops and cardinals submitting to all of those traditions actually does require humility.


And the pope, though the highest official in the church, is the servant of all those under his authority. His entire office exists solely to guide souls to Christ. The first is the last.


It just doesn’t look good


You realize, don’t you, that ending clericalism wasn’t MY idea, don’t you? That was P, Francis. I’m trying to get my fellow Catholic internet addicts to do something that the Pope has said that the laity should do.

The USCCB is an institution founded on clericalism to exclude the voice of the laity in decision making in the Church. It is self-reinforcing clericalism in the U.S. – keeping us in our places.


It’s not about looking good (even though I personally think it looks good).


What is this “something concrete?” Aside from screeching it over and over you’ve offered little in suggestion.


That’s part of why they don’t wear it anymore. The appearance of humility. Looks matter.

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