The Evils of this Generation


Dear friends,

Compliments of this Holy Advent season to you all.

People nowadays have great difficulty in believing that, notwithstanding the advances in science and technology, the world in which our lot is cast is rapidly waxing worse and worse. Need I mention the scourge of drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, abortion, sodomy, unprecedented teenage insubordinaton, interference with the productive process, divorce and unstable and unhappy marriages; all point to decline not progress. Pregnancy, for instance, is seen as a curse and major inconvenience to be avoided, save when it is intentionally planned for selfish reasons: if career or life style are threatened in any way, better to get rid of "it". Thus a precious soul created by God must be rejected and then murdered so as not to occasion any disruption to the lives of selfish people.

President Obama promises more reproductive freedom. It is all about earthly plans for a fleeting future, never mind the effects on subsequent generations; never mind the fact that long term use of the pill renders the womb hostile to new life. In God's providence, this wicked culture will surely lead to a very dismal end because it is contrary to God's purpose for mankind; barreness with God denotes death. God is the Lord of life.

U.S. residents will be familiar with Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address as he viewed the carnage of the Civil War. Here are his exact words: "We have forgotten God, we have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and which multiplied, strengthened and enriched us, and we have vainly imagined in the deceitfulness of our hearts that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own". How apposite are these words for our own spiritually degenerate times!, he being dead yet speaks again to our godless generation. If only we had Presidents and Prime Ministers of this ilk today; God fearing men indeed. All who reject God should be made aware that their carnal wisdom will lead to disaster not fulfilment as they vainly hoped. Many countries, including America and the U.K., have rejected God and arrogantly think that by their own wisdom and virtue they can save the present and future generations and even planet Earth. Why, they almost obsess about such matters whilst neglecting more weighter issues such as righteous, temperance and coming judgment - "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 14: 34). Europe is rapidly loosing its Christian identity for fear of offending other faiths. Thousands of children are no longer introduced to the Lord's Prayer in schools for fear of giving offence to other faiths. Well I believe parents should teach them their prayers and pray with them. Multiculture and so called co-education are the "in thing" now, supposedly a sign of progress and healthiness! May God help us.

A British broadcaster, a very decent man called Jeremy Vine, believes that he cannot express his Christian faith on TV or radio. He does two factual programmes in the U.K. called* Panorama* and Points of View. He said that one cannot express views that were common currency some 30 or 40 years ago. Other public figures say that Christianity is facing growing hostility, especially from the media. I am not the only one who predicts the total collapse in Europe and all that it stood for and then the good times will be over and prosecution for killing a rat will be a joke indeed!

This may be a very sombre theme what with Christmas just around the corner, but we are currently in the Advent season when we are called upon to ponder Apocalyptic type topics and the Second Advent. Therefore can I request that we all think carefully about the issues dealt with in my posting and endeavour to let our light so shine before men in these very difficult days; let offer our age a Christian counter-culture that will truly make a difference.

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Indeed like you said, there are multiple serious problems in our country and the world over. With our current President’s policy, these problems will even be elevated tremendously.

While each of us should do our best to promote our faith, teach the right things to our younger generation at home, please also keep our nation in your daily prayers.

Please pray for people’s conversion of hearts, the conviction of the nation’s leaders and our entire country. It is very hard to fight against the strong dark current, yet we still need to swim upwards with God's help. We cannot sit here and do nothing. Prayer is the first thing we ought to do.


We’ve made it through the evils of many generations. I’m a student of WWII. Such evils can’t be compared with the evils you speak of today. Abortion was rampant in Germany AND prevalent in the US during the war (most abortions in the US in the 40’s were performed by doctors), but we only find resources about abortion evils Germany. During the 1940’s: the Holocaust; racism against the Japanese, Jews, Blacks; horrible labor condtions and child labor. And during the war the US/Allies and the AXIS of Terror BOTH knowingly sacrificed civilians and left soldiers behind to die. Japanese civilians were terribly brain-washed by the Japanese military. In Saipan, civilians jumped into the sea and died rather than be taken by US soldiers. They feared they’d be tortured beyond belief. When GI’s liberated the holocaust sites, Americans we so terribly stricken by the sight, that their captains allowed us to murder innocent civilians as they passed through villages while marching to Berlin. So, I say, we’ll get through this generation. We’ve made it through worse time. Let’s just hope we learn from our errors and that our vets can feel relief from what they’ve witnessed. Pray for our soldiers in Iraq and now Afghanistan. With multiple calls to duty…what have they seen? How will their minds be repaired?


This generation is one of the most wicked ive seen the next that comes to mind is the 60's. Either way we as Catholics must stay strong and continue the path of eternal life. The world is a cold dark place but we as Catholics carry a light and that light is Jesus Christ.And we must shine that light everywhere we go.


Often I feel so sad watching the news or looking at where our world is going.. :( we need to pray.. especially, pray the Rosary for peace and for conversion of hearts, for an end to abortion


The current generation of young people (mine - high school/college and somewhat older) has been drenched from childhood in relativism, and in sin. The media is a terrible influence. Many parents are not a good influence - or grandparents, even, in some cases. There are very few good role models, because a lot of us have grandparents who came of age in the sixties and who are doing drugs, divorced, living in homosexual relationships, involved in New Age practices and so forth. We are taught IN SCHOOL that abortion is just fine, and encouraged to sleep around - oh, as long as you use birth control!

Given this situation, it’s not surprising that many teenagers and college students (from my experience, I would say it is the majority) have suicidal thoughts, and that some attempt suicide. They don’t believe in God; they don’t believe in morality. Many have been taught by their own parents that life has no meaning. When I was in junior high I had to listen to my parents have a conversation about how they planned to kill themselves when in they were in their seventies. Talk about a culture of death.

My point is, modern young people REALLY, REALLY need prayers, and good adult role models. They are so lost. Many of them just don’t know. They are stuck in sin and they think that’s where they are supposed to be, because nobody has told them otherwise! So they are unhappy, but they think the solution is to sin more, because that is what the culture and everyone around them tells them.

Please, please pray for modern youth, who are so lost and lonely without God. They want God, but they don’t know it. They have many people to tell them that what they want is drugs, sex, alcohol; but they have nobody to tell them that what they want is God.

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