The Exclusive Miracle of Christianity: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Almost every religion in the world shares the same miracles and supernatural occurances: exorcisms, possessions, revelations, healings, resurrections, etc. But only Christianity has the Miracle of miracles: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

What distinguishes the Resurrection of Christ from other resurrections - including the resurrections He performed - is that Jesus didn’t simply return to life and His Resurrection has ample evidence.

The people whom Jesus brought back to life were simply brought back to life. But when Jesus was risen, He didn’t return to the life He had before: He was risen to glory, He was spiritualized. I.e., Jesus’ Body took on the properties of His Soul, making it immortal (unable to die), impassible (unable to suffer), agile (able to be move at impossible speed, even appearing anywhere simply by willing it), and bright (shining with glory). That last property is the body’s participation in the soul’s dessert, just as, at the resurrection of the dead on Judgment Day, the bodies of men will participate in the desserts of the souls of men, either shining with glory (the righteous) or defected with shame (the wicked). Because Jesus is God and Man, His Humanity was raised to the glory equal to God, so that He shined with the Divine Glory and had all power in Earth and on Heaven.

Now, there are other resurrections which are said to be of glory in other religions, but none of them have the same evidence as Jesus’.

The main evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection is His Apostles. Their evidence is unique because of how their witness took place. They were informed by woman - whom had gone early Sunday to put spices on Jesus’ corpse - that His body was missing, so Peter and John ran to Jesus’ tomb to see if it was true. John stopped at the tomb’s entrance, but Peter went inside. He found no body. But than he noticed the burial cloth was folded in half, and it confused him. In the Jewish household, if a Jew owned a slave and he was eating, he would use a napkin. If he crumbled the napkin up, it meant “I’m finished”; if he folded the napkin, it meant “I’m coming back.” So the folded napkin - which was Jesus’ way of saying “I’m back!” - confused Peter. All of the Apostles had heard Jesus foretelling His Resurrection multiple times, but none of them believed Him, because Jews don’t believe the Messiah would die and be raised again from the dead. So Peter and John went back to the Apostles, and told them Jesus’ body was stolen.
Jesus appeared to two disciples on the road, and He spoke to them of the messanic prophecies. He followed them to their home, where they were going to celebrate the Eucharist. He took bread and consecrated it, and suddenly they realized who He was. But He vanished at once.
Than, some time later, Jesus appeared to the Apostles in His glorious body. The Apostles were frightened. They thought Jesus was a ghost, who have come from sheol to rebuke them for worshipping Jesus. But He showed them He was not a spirit by revealing His Wounds. Yet even as the Apostles saw Him, they still doubted He was really the risen Jesus.
He appeared to them again, this time while Thomas was with them. Thomas doubted Jesus was alive, and said he wouldn’t believe unless he felt the Wounds of Jesus. Jesus allowed him to touch His Wounds, and this assured not only him but all of the Apostles that He was truly risen to glory.
Then He appeared to them again on the shore of Lake Galilee. He made a fire for them to cook their fish, after they had caught a large numbr of fish (for they were fishermen), and He took a fish and ate it, showing them that His Body was really corporal and He wasn’t a vision or apparition. Even later, He appeared to five hundred believers.
The excitement of the Christians over Jesus’ Resurrection frightened the Sanhedrin. Just as they thought if Jesus was allowed to live He would rouse the Jews to arms and cause the Romans to come and destroy Jerusalem, so too, they thought the news of Jesus’ Resurrection would rouse His followers to arms and cause the Romans to come and destroy Jerusalem. So they decided to tell the Jews that Jesus’ corpse was stolen by His disciples and they were just pretending He was risen to glory.
Later, Jesus appeared to Saul, an enemy of the Christians, who was going about persecuting Christians and throwing them into prison. Saul became Paul, an Apostle of Jesus. All of the appearances of Jesus proved the historical fact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Other evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection are less weighty, but still worthy of consideration: The Shroud of Turin, while not officially considered the shroud of Jesus (and I personally dobut it is His shroud), shows signs of a supernatural occurance; the Gospels, which are the written accounts of three Apostles and one disciple of Jesus; and, as proofs against the hypothsises that either Jesus didn’t die or that Jesus simply woke up in the tomb, I present the Cross of Jesus and the burial place of Jesus (the Church has pieces of the Cross - including half of the sign posted above Jesus’ Head - and the burial place of Jesus is located in the Church of Sepulchre).

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