The Exodus Decoded

Did anyone get a chance to watch this Sunday night on the History Channel? It seemed really good, found archological evidence for points of the Exodus.

Stone carvings in Athens of the Red Sea parting. And gold emblems from a priestly garment that show the arc of the covenant.

Well done show.

I’m pretty sure the guy who did this is also the one who “discovered” the Jesus tomb several weeks ago- Simcha Jacobovici. So I’d be cautious as to its credibility already.

I did not see the program, but knowing who did it, I probably would not have watched it…

I saw this program about 3 months ago.

It struck me as quite interesting, speculative, and not NECESSARILY anti-religious. He was attempting to explain how the 10 plagues, Red Sea parting, etc happened via God using natural forces.

As I recall, one of it’s main points was that the Mycenian(sp?) culture in Greece was actually founded by Jews at the time of the exodus. And there’s some kind of amulet in a Greek museum showing the Ark of the Covenant with a ramp leading up to it, with something in the background - making it hard to identify as the Ark of the covenant. But that’s the perspective as seen from the entry to the tabernacle (or was it holy of holies?)

I’d seen it before. I watch the History channel but I’ve learned to take them with a grain of salt. I know they’ve been wrong on many historical facts many times (the fun life of being a history major is keeping up with all those dates! :stuck_out_tongue: )

They have some enjoyable programs but a lot of them are not correct in their facts.


I FELL ASLEEP:( I really wanted to watch it. The only thing I remember was that they think they figured out the name of the Pharoh that was in Exodus.

I too take the history channel with a grain of salt. They sometimes make statements that are not biblically accurate. I think they probably also make statements that the CC would not agree with.:frowning:

I saw this program when it aired a few weeks ago. His method was, what if this happened, what if this is what the writer meant, what it, what it, what if, stacked up to make his “earth-shaking” conclusions. his agenda clearly was proving everyone else wrong and himself right, not establishing historical or scientific truth.

Sounds like someone has rediscovered Immanuel Velikovsky’s works from the late 60s. Great stuff, almost science fiction…he says Ramses II was the Pharoah of the Bible. Of course he was one of the early “conspiracy theory” writers.

I missed that what was the Jesus Tomb, ( I shudder to ask)

Im soo disapointed it was a well done show, and I know those channels start with OH this looks good then they start into the “opposition” and under the guise of balanced reporting mix everyone up so bad its not worth watching.

This program seemed diffferent, and the arc jewerly was interesting. The stones depicting the parting of the red sea in Athens were amazing. He interviewed the currator and he thought it a battle scene or just some vague art. I dont know but it looked pretty plain like the parting of the red sea to me.

I was hoping Valkre would pop in but they moved me over here :shrug:

I didn’t see the show. I did see part of a show that gave plausible explanations for the plauges which I found interesting. If it is the same show, I didn’t see anything on it that I thought was anti-religous. Is this the show that started out with showing how the Nile could have turned red, causing an outbreak of frogs, causing an outbreak of flies…

I am always amused by these biblical shows in the History Channel and its affiliates, produced by people who number one don’t even believe anything in the bible is historically real, but in the realm of myth and legend. Why don’t they stick with what they regard as real history. But more intriguing is why they select Jewish scripture and tradition, and use it to attack Christian beliefs and teaching. They bypass what the scripture means to Jews, and zero in on the Christians, rather interesting, and rather insulting to Jewish tradition in many cases, as well.

thanks valkre

I will look at this after work, have you had a chance to look at it. I must admit my mind was intregried about those tables with the parting of the sea and the priestly jewerly with the arc view on them.

And as always, all this “evidence” is always on a mountain which we cant walk on, theres a military base nearby, theres always a obstacle of some kind. I sometimes wonder if God allows it to make our faith grow???

The site shows alot from the show but not all, show was better.

I found a site that opposes it Biblical Archaeology Review

Always discussion, with everything. :shrug:

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