The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel A.K.A Emily Rose


Was this a case of true possession or was it false?

I have been reading about the case which inspired the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and I think that it was probably true. How can a Bishop and two priests be wrong? The possession was also confirmed by an expert in this field. The Church does not grant exorcisms without being 100% sure of the facts.

Anneliese Michel was treated at a psychiatric hospital but this didn’t help. She also took drugs but they proved useless. The priests investigated the matter very carefully before deciding that she needed an Exorcism. Anneliese began speaking fluent Latin, and she even corrected the priest’s poor grammar. She did this despite not knowing Latin; although she had some knowledge of the language through the Mass etc.

I don’t believe that she was medically ill. I just think the media refused to accept the fact that she really was possessed. The testimony of the doctor’s at the trial has even been criticised by some experts as incorrect.

What do you think?


Dempsey, I know very little about the case. I’ve read a little bit about it, but not enough to comment on the legitimacy of it. I watched the movie, but who knows how much of that is fact or Hollywood.

What are the sources you have used to study this case? Can you share them?

I think the truth is that we don’t know definitively everything that happened. We weren’t there. Like you, I think the press has a hard time dealing with such things. I would recommend a book called, The Dark Sacrament. It’s a collection of modern-day exorcisms that rings true for me. I can relate to those experiences detailed in the book. And it’s written objectively by two people who don’t seem to have an axe to grind either way.




I took an interest in this case after the movie too, but have not had time to research much of it. Can you put up some of the links/references you have read on the subject? Thx!


What are the sources you have used to study this case? Can you share them?

The bulk of my knowledge comes from a series of YouTube videos on the subject. Therefore, the sources I am using are second hand. However, I must say that the gentleman who has made the videos appears to have thoroughly researched the case.

Here are the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts after you have watched these videos.


It might take me some time to get around to sitting down to watch vids. But I will!


That sounds like a good and interesting book but the name itself scares me already! :eek: :o I am looking into it…sounds very interesting.


The movie is very loosely based on Michel. If you end up in a heated discussion about possession and exocism, make sure you keep the two seperate.


I couldn’t put the book down. It’s not that scary. It’s not sensational but not dry either. Good read.




Don’t expect sound theology from Hollywood, OK?


I admit I jumped ahead to the 4th video to get to the death and subsequent part. From what I have read and heard in this video, her symptoms seem consistent with exorcisms. It seems difficult to find an official “Church position” on whether or not she was possessed. But you made a good point…the Church has historically approved exorcisms as a last resort, so in that regard, a bishop apparently felt there was cause.

Her mother was also convinced Anneliese was possessed and had chosen to atone for sins with Christ on the cross. So in conclusion, from the evidence presented, as a simple lay Catholic, I’d say the more likely scenario is that she was possessed. And if what her mother says is true, this is an amazing and inspiring tale for any devout Catholic who understands our participation in the suffering of Christ.


Is it solidly Catholic? There is very little information on Amazon.



It isn’t Catholic or Protestant - it’s both. The cases are divided between an Anglican priest and a Catholic priest. The methods are the same for both. There is no bias either way. It reads like an investigative report done in a narrative form. The authors are journalists.

I have solidly Catholic exorcism books and this one doesn’t contradict any of them. It doesn’t go into theology about the exorcisms. It simply tells the stories of the people involved. Now, there is one case where it puts a Catholic priest in a bad spot, but it is in no way a smear. It was just a reality.




Normally I don’t. :slight_smile: But next to Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, The Exorcism of Emily Rose has to be the best movie Hollywood has put out there in the last 4 years theologically speaking.


Except for the silly sensationalism they inserted.

“The Witching Hour”??? :rolleyes:


where can i find the case study?


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