The Expendables 2

Anyone interested in such action movies? Has anyone already seen it? Man, I am just excited to see all those old folks like Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and expecially Jean-Claude Van Damme. Wow!

We go to the $5 movies during the week and saw it last week. I, too, get a kick out of all of the “older” stars and this was fun, but also violent.

It was a good movie. My husband and I went to see it on our first date since our third child was born almost two years ago. I couldn’t have picked a better film. The action stars poked fun at themselves and did some great stunts and action sequences.


This movie was way better than the first for me, plus with all the trouble Stallone has been having lately it was the least thing I could do as a fan to show some support.

Movie was an absolute testorine filled action packed gratuitious gun blasting event.

I didnt even care about the plot, it was just fun to see everyone there again and to see some of the heros I admired back at it once again.

everyone got a laugh out of the joke Chuck Norris told about the Cobra, a bit of an inside joke for the Chuck Fans out there; and one can only laugh how they all gang up to unload a zillion bullets on one guy, it is like what !? lol one bullet isn’t enough ?

The one liners were like ugh okay i get it, but still fun.

If you don’t like the violence don’t see the movie, if you want to see some of the last remaining good actors from back in the day go at it again then this is it !

And I might be wrong but I do not remember hearing a lot of cursing, I do not recall a lot if any F bombs, or really any… just a lot of gratuitious explosions and gun fights.


Although I didn’t grow up with them I am a big fan of Schwarzenegger and Stallone, I also enjoy Van Damme. So it was cool to see them on the big screen for the first time for me. I know Stallone has been in movies recently, though I haven’t seen any of them. Schwarzenegger hasn’t of course. It was a fun film. Some of the one liners were pretty terrible. I know they wanted them to be that way but I would have appreciated a bit more of a serious role for Schwarzenegger. His script was a cameo and he certainly treated it like one. Stallone gave a good performance as he usually does. I laughed at a lot of the jokes and was entertained overall. I was happy there were no uses of Gods name in vain. There were also **no **F words. It just goes to show you that you don’t need such words in action films. There could have been less blood and gore. They never concentrated on it long and the bloody or gory shots were very quick, so I guess I can’t complain too much. It simply is unnecessary in an action movie like this. The action was fun but not very well done. A lot of shots of guys walking through rooms mowing down copious amounts of baddies with no effort. The end fight with Stallone and Van Damme was cool, yet it was too short. Van Damme also didn’t get enough time on screen. The time he did have was well used and he played his role very well. The girl character seemed a bit out of place too. Almost awkward in a sense. She should have had a more essential role in the plot.

Anyhow I am interested in seeing a 3rd film. I hope they take a bit more of a serious approach. I want to see Arnold being serious in a role. :smiley:

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