The Facts About Luther - worth buying?


Who here (Catholic, Protestant, anyone) has read the (in)famous book called, “The Facts About Luther” by Patrick O’Hare?

I am thinking about buying it, but I have heard both high praises and harsh criticisms of it.

I really don’t want to invest in a book that is full of inaccurate information, so if this book is largely based on unsubstantiated or even downright false information I don’t think it is worth my time for there will be no benefits.

On a scale of 1 (garbage) to 10 (amazing), what do you rate the book in terms of ACCURACY? I ask ONLY those who have read the book to respond.


I have the book and have read it but how accurate it is depends on who you ask. I have taken it at face value but Protestants of course will say its not accurate.


Here’s a good book:


How the Reformation Happened…interesting, maybe I should look into this instead. I have heard good stuff (from Catholics) about Belloc and I don’t recall any negative comments about this book.


Almost all his stuff is right here:


I’ve read … most of it. :smiley: Obviously the author has absolutely NO sympathy for Luther so that may be why Protestants don’t care for it, but it’s heavily footnoted so you can check his source material if you wish. Perhaps reading it along with another more sympathetic view would be the best way to get the whole story. Here I Stand looks like a good one - 4 1/2 stars at Amazon.


He wrote more than I thought. I should see if the library has his stuff (I don’t have an extra $99 at the moment).


I have “The Facts about Luther,” and believe it’s as accurate as it can get.


I have decided not to buy the book.

Not that I don’t think it is worth the money, but because it is available online for free:,M1

I have decided that if I get around to reading it I will be careful to keep in mind that some passages might be inaccurate.


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