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Three things start to make me wonder.

One Pope Leo in the 16th century “It has served us well this myth of Christ” What does the Pope mean about that?

Vatican 2 changed the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and in their own words said they did it for no reason, yet according to Christ we are to rest on the sabbath, the 7th day. The week begins on Sunday, the seventh day is Saturday.

(Removed link as per Banned Topics) is a site I can across that makes sense when it interprets Revelation. I want to believe, the evidence is heavy against, please help.


Where did you get this idea that Vatican 2 changed the Sabbath? That is completely false. We have always celebrated the ressurection on the first day of the week, which is the day on which Christ rose from the dead. The ressurection of Christ is both the first day and the eigth day at once. In it is seen a new creation in which Christ re-creates men according to His likeness. And it is also the eigth day in that it is the fulfillment of all our hopes and of all of creation. God created the world for the purpose of communion with Himself. Christ fulfills this purpose by bringing man into communion with God. It is called the Lord’s day because of this fact. And this title for it is mentioned in scripture itself and in the Christian writings of the first and second centuries.

Regarding the pope Leo quote, I think it is rather questionable. You should get the source before you trust it. There are a lot of false quotes out there floting around.



Pope Leo in the 16th century “It has served us well this myth of Christ” What does the Pope mean about that?

He never said that. The the earliest known source of this statement is not Pope Leo, but it is from a polemical work by John Bale

The more you get into apologetics, the more you learn frm experience to distrust anything written by those opposed to the Church.

John Bale was an ex-Catholic and anti-Catholic writer who was not exactly known for his truthfulness. This false statement was first written by him in Acta Romanorum Pontificum which was first translated from Latin into English as The Pageant of the Popes in 1574: “For on a time when a cardinall Bembus did move a question out of the Gospell, the Pope gave him a very contemptuous answer saying: All ages can testifie enough howe profitable that fable of Christe hath ben to us and our companie.”


If you want to ask about what the Army teaches you don’t ask a deserter.

It is better to get it from the horses mouth.

Some websites to help with any more questions you might have.

The Holy See

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

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The Fathers of the Church



lol myths on the Catholic Church.


Someone told you Vatican II changed the Sabbath!?:ouch: :rotfl: Vatican II was in the 60’s. Many hundreds of millions of Catholics and other Christians are old enough to remember a thing like that.
Someone’s playing with your head.


Since No one else has welcomed you, allow me -


You’re going to get great answers and wonderful insights on the faith here.
Of course some of us can seem a little cranky at times when the same errors keep coming up. Just be patient with us.
I look forward to future posts from you.



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