The faith of the Devil?

Is Wicca really believed to be led by Satan?

I’ve heard rumours that it is but that the followers don’t realise it.

All false religions are ultimately of Satan.

Wicca may not consciously worship the entity we know as Satan, but they do without knowing it.

I thought the devils faith would have been christian - he clearly believes in God, his son Jesus, and the power of the sacramentals, prayer and the resurrection. But he rejects it.

Wiccans do not believe in Satan. That does not alter the reality that Satan exists and seeks to destroy mankind. All false religions are to some extent satanic. Satan’s main goal is to keep us from the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, which he abhors. IMO the extent to which a religion denies the sacraments is the guage to how satanic it is.

The wiccan religion is interesting but scary. It resembles very old paganism. I will give a link to what some of the FAQs on one of the many web pages about it. Of course they work to give it a positive spin.

Nobody takes pagans and satanists seriously though. They’re usually a bunch of slightly disturbed D&D fans who listen to lame music and like to play dress up.How many people really belong to these organizations? I’d say Islam fits the bill much better. The much more subtle way in which it distorts the truth and attracts millions away from the Truth, which is Christ, is far more satanic.

Lately Satan’s church of choice seems to be the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Episcopal Church. Those that do his bidding attract his attention the most! :wink:

no …it’s led by the orange pookah monster.


I have several friends who are Wiccans, some are new generation Wiccans, others have become Wiccans from their parents and nothing they do looks…well scary but than the way the media makes it look I can see why.

Funny enough the mum considers herself a Christian Wiccan which explains the Bible and the Crucifix in her front room.

It’s all about old paganism by the looks of it, going way back before the birth of Jesus Christ.

There are loads of Wiccans and Pagans in Britain, and tons more in the USA. I live in a Christian dominated area but there are still a lot of Pagans here as well. None of the ones I know play D&D but their music (while listening to more media acceptable stuff as well) can be very spiritual.

I admit on the surface it does not look scary. I can not say that I have attended any rituals or festivals of the sort that they conduct. I do find for lack of a better term occult practices a interesting study. It clearly is old paganism that dates way back to the Celts and obviously well before. I have never understood how one could be a Christian and Wiccan at the same time. The two to me seem completely incompateable.

None of it is all that old. Almost all of it is modern persons re-creating what they imagine the pre-Christian pagan religions might have been like. There’s no continuity with antiquity. It’s basically make believe and all in all pretty lame. I’d have a good laugh at it before being afraid of it. “Sure, buddy… dance around naked and cast a spell on me… oh no, don’t put the evil eye on me… 'ya goof!” :rolleyes:

Some Wicca as stated above in this thread even include Christian symbols. I learned some of this once listening to a Catholic radio show where the guest was a fomer wiccan/pagan who had practiced magic in Eastern Europe right after the fall of communism (a brief spiritual vacuum), which practice she divided into “white magic” and “black magic”, which differences to me sound just like semantics and pretending to good while engaging in “white magic” occult. How is one spirit “white” and one “black”. She suffered for it and became a committed Catholic. Besides the CC explicitly condemns occult divinizations.

Well I would say the devil’s main faith is in himself personally as the proper God, with Satan’s Prideful Nature. There is no reason he is struggling so hard to crush souls and having him believe that God will win in the end. God gave Satan much intellect but I do not believe God gave Satan the gift of foreknowledge, else why all his bitter fighting against God to the end of our time here. Satan hasn’t given up after Christ’s Ressurrection, so what still motivates him? :a) a belief in victory over God in the end; or b) a sick nature full of nihilism that it destroys all before it without care as to how things end, even if he loses and gets sent to the Lake of Fire. At the most, he must think he can win with us as opposed to us coming out on God’s side, at the least he doesn’t care as long as he takes down as many souls possible down with him into Hell. Just my 2 cents.

Anyway, bottomline people, stay away from the practice of any occult. It is dangerous even if it starts out as just fun. I’ve seen this.

I don’t know that much about it, but most Wiccans deny that they worship Satan. Their beliefs are pre-Christian paganism, altho I agree that since we have little knowledge of ancient pagan rites, a lot of Wiccan rituals and beliefs seem to be based more on imagination than anything else.

Wicca is not the same thing as Satanism, which does exist, and whose members do “worship” Satan. I know even less about this than Wicca, actually :wink: but I think that there are a number of different Satanic groups, or churches, or whatever they’re called!!

I wonder if they argue and fight over theological differences like we do?! :stuck_out_tongue:

All truth is from God and all falsehood is from the devil, no exceptions. Only the Apostolic Faith has been preserved pure and spotless. All other belief systems contain falsehoods and to that extent have been deceived by the devil.

Bear in mind my best friend in the entire world is a professed Wiccan. She is a wonderful and loving person. Wicca does not teach people to intentionally do evil and they do not intentionally follow Satan. I hope and pray for her conversion.

Yours in Christ

Wow that really puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

Yours in Christ

Yazidis religion is officially a Satan religion:

Actually, most satanists don’t believe satan exists. They use satan as a symbol. The ones that do believe in satan actually don’t worship him. The following link explains it.
Also, a “true” wiccan doesn’t worship satan. They don’t believe in satan.

I took a class in college that would study different religions, beliefs, myths and occult type religions. It would go over everything and quite interesting. Catholic, jewish, muslim, you name it, it was discussed. I remember that particularly, but if you do a search on the internet for ___ beliefs ie: wiccan beliefs…, you will find that same information. There are tons of other links as well. Just pull up google.

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