The faith will die...

The faith will die not because of great priest who follow the law of the Church, but because of those luke-warm Catholics who still insist that people who openly proclaim themselves as Pro-Choice or Homosexuals should be given the Eucharist or that they should be able to “make their own lives”. :mad:

The faith will not die.

God bless you.

I will give to you [speaking directly to Peter] the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Gates of Hell [ie, the power of Satan] will not prevail against it. (Matt 16:18)

Jesus says that the Faith will not die - Satan will not prevail. I trust in Jesus.

If the faith were to die, that would mean that Jesus was wrong when he said that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. How can you say that?

The Faith and the Church has constantly grown. Periods of turmoil and conflict are not unprecedented.

The Church will never die. Christ Himself told us. It’s in times like this that God sends us saints. God still performs miracles to this day as a way of saying “you may have forgotten me, but I will never forget about you.” Trust that God will lead us out of these troubling times. Remember, Christ will trim the branches that don’t bear fruit.

“But when the son of man returns, will he find faith on the earth?” Faith will shrivel to nothing with all the enemies of the Church ending in -ism growing stronger, the Church will not die however. Hades will not win although for a time it will seem so. Good times ahead.

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“Christendom has had a series of revolutions and in each one of them Christianity has died. Christianity has died many times and risen again; for it had a god who knew the way out of the grave.” G.K. Chesterton :thumbsup:

The Church will never die. It will become much smaller in the United States as generational acceptance of abortion and homosexual marriage will become the standard here soon. A splinter denomination will become an offshoot of the Church which will be no different than any of the the other protestant denominations that abound that lack the fullness of truth. That is where the dissenters, cafeteria Catholics, and Catholics in name only will call home.

There will remain though a stronger core of Catholics that know what it is to be obedient to the Church. They will continue to put God first in their lives and raise children that will carry on the Catholic Church as God intended. All are welcome who wish to be obedient to the Catholic Church. All are not welcome who wish to undermine Her and pick and choose what teachings they wish to follow. A much smaller Church indeed.

This is my prediction only. Do I wish that it never comes to be? Most certainly. I pray that all of God’s children will come home and put Him first in their lives. To learn the faith and welcome it as true. To live their lives according to god’s will, not the secular worlds.

The faith will not die. Pray always and trust in Jesus.

I agree. And I believe those -ism’s are all tied in to Our Lady of Fatima’s “errors of Russia” but, “in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”
So we know which side wins in the end and that should encourage us stay with the winning team :slight_smile:

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for” (Heb. 11:1) So don’t give up hope, don’t despair. Have faith and hope.


When Jesus gave his sermon where he stated that one must eat the flesh of the Son of Man the Bible says that many left because this was a “hard teaching.” Why did Jesus let them go? Why did he not use his divine power of persuasion to convince them of the truth? Because Jesus places obstacles in the faith so that those who remain are the serious ones. (Please do not misinterpret what I am saying. I am not saying that God pushes people away.) I believe that this process is referred to as “winnowing.” (I could be wrong about the term.) I believe that we are going through a similar process today. The Church has “hard teachings.” Its true. If I wanted to take the easy way, I’d just fall in line with the rest of society. What we will end up with in a generation or two is a much smaller but far stronger Catholicism. Hopefully things will get so bad that all of Christendom must unite under the Catholic banner for support! Perhaps God will use this to bring the devout Orthodox and Protestants home to us!! I pray to the Lord!!

It will hit rock bottom, has it hit rock bottom ? I don’t think so, then again it did for those on Calvary, but by Sunday, the Universe was still rotating, Jesus Arose, the weeds are growing with the flowers as Jesus said until the time of harvest, Faith will not die…

If we feel that the world is no longer a lollipop, but rather fly paper, then it is time we jump on our prayer horses and good will wagons and get going as fast as we can.

Just a suggestion.

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