The “Fake News” of Viganò and Company. Unmasked by a Cardinal

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Seems the “Fake News” political mantra of Trump has infiltrated religion…sad, to the likes we have never seen before, bigly!


The article speaks of various interpretations of the Vatican councils. It is not about Vigano and his allegations about the corruption at the Vatican. The “unmasking”, if one could find it here, is that the German cardinal seems to be defending in principle the validity of the Vatican councils. The author of the piece, Sandro Magister (who is he anyway?) is interpreting what was written in a letter by bishop Franco Giulio Brambilla, who cites the authority of the Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, to attack those, including Vigano, who are criticizing Vatican II.

Read the articles and see what you think. (if you already hate Vigano, you don’t need to read any further)

Sandro Magister is a long time, well connected reporter on he Vatican. He got into trouble with Francis a few years ago, and no longer is part of the Vatican Press Corps, at least last I heard.

He still has lots of friends, most of them at least as conservative as he is. Still is very knowledgeable. It is very surprising to me that he is undercutting Vigano, who seems like he would be his ally.

Settimo cielo seems to be Sandro Magister’s blog; not a news service or a publication.

It is a blog on the L’Espresso website, a prominent Italian weekly new magazine.

It is not my intention to disparage the author, but the article, if I am reading it correctly, is a commentary on a commentary of a commentary. And the headline seems to be from a different place altogether.


Anything outside of my parish priest and bishop are way above my head. Idk why so many people get hung up on what goes on outside their individual diocese.

This is actually a good point. For most of Church history, it was the local Church and the local bishop that governed the lives of local Christians. For most of Church history, I can’t imagine the average Catholic even really knew who the reigning Pope was…maybe a name.

Yep. I have no reason to care about what’s going on outside my diocese. I answer to my priest and my bishop, they are my local church. I don’t care what bishops on the other side of the country are doing, yet alone in foreign nations.

An eye catching headline over an article that says nothing worthy of note

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